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  1. Big O

    Iphone App

    your idea has been crumpled up and thrown off the table .... hahaha
  2. my brother who's a master mechanic absolutely loves electrical troubleshooting as well ... must be a gearhead thing ;)
  3. good job tracking down the problem! Electrical trouble shooting sucks
  4. so you disconnected the cig plug from the wires and it still blows the fuse?
  5. pinched or shaved wire from aftermarket radio install?
  6. Lowered + Denver, CO = useless
  7. I've heard of coins in there several times before as well.
  8. that guy would piss me off ... hell he's pissing me off right now ... whatta d-bag
  9. hahahahaha .... first time i've seen a 'shit storm' gif before ...
  10. I hope you hold the pistol a little steadier than you did that camera hahaha .. just playing Amazing setup man ... The truck is making huge strides everytime I look at it. Nice work!
  11. The first post stays on the top of each page ....
  12. college? Looks like a High School drama queen to me.
  13. Are any of them close enough you can get a 'live' tune?
  14. the truck will look sweet when finished ... just thought I would throw in the manditory comment about headlights.
  15. I like her headlights. On the real Megan Fox that is
  16. ditto for wyoming ... or on the dash ... or next to you in the seat ... just not concealed ... unless you are a badass like me with a Conceal carry permit (ok badass might be a stretch but hell I'm pretty badass).
  17. plus on all the options as well
  18. What exactly did you have in mind? A place to talk about products to use on the trucks? A place to talk about high crime areas and 'look out for my stolen truck' section?
  19. Had them both ... like the controllers for the PS3 way better, just can't get used to the 360, but I've played Playstation for ever. I even bought an adapter to allow my PS2 paddles to be used on the 360.
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