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  1. I have two shopmans sitting on my bench. one is the tbss bowtie and the other is a special run he made for the Z71's. I can photo the back of them if it would help out?
  2. I've got a shopman1 bowtie with the Z71 carved it in if anyone is looking to buy one for another ride or a friend.
  3. I tried to give you my money ... i was just too slow
  4. Sounds good, ill take it if it falls thru
  5. Upper bezel #15194292 $30 right?
  6. condition of the bezel with the cig lighters in it? Also which bezel are you calling this?
  7. wow ... what an awesome kid ... congrats!
  8. If your finger nail catches on the scratch you are looking for something more aggressive than compoiund.
  9. Big O


    They make clear for headlights ... pretty typical way to restore your lights, sand and clear.
  10. volant intake (for those who can't see pics)
  11. I can't believe all the comments about the paint, are people really that naive?
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