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  1. I see a lot of threads about battery drain and the instrument cluster. However my battery drain started after my truck was stolen and I installed a new ignition cylinder. Every so often when I park my truck, turn it off and open the door, the chime dings like I have the key still in the ignition. If I put the key back in and jiggle it around it will go off. Sometimes it won't ding when I get out but when I come back to the truck in a few minutes and open the door, the chime starts dinging. Is it something with the ignition cylinder and how it was installed? They got into the truck by prying under the outside door handle but I had all that stuff replaced after the truck got recovered. Maybe I missed something in the steering column by the ignition cylinder? Thanks in advance!
  2. I tried searching for something on this but couldn't find anything so sorry if this has been addressed... Has anyone installed an auxiliary battery in the engine compartment with an isolater? I know on police Tahoes they put the auxiliary battery up against the firewall on the passenger side but that bracket on the SSS cuts down the available height clearance. I'm interested in installing one because I plan on hard wiring up some stuff for camping (inverter, bed lights, work lights, etc.) Thanks in advance~
  3. Hey everyone! It's been YEARS since I've been on the forum. So I guess I'll reintroduce myself lol. I've got a 2004 SSS that I bought new. I've lowered it and put on an exhaust but that's all for performance mods. Recently I installed a Retrax tonneau cover and Yakima Overhaul rack system. Hoping to get more active in the forum since I've got the mod bug again.
  4. Thanks guys. I used the pac audio stuff and it worked great. Thanks Diggerdan11!
  5. Okay, thanks a bunch! Maybe this weekend I'll pull the stereo out and check out the back wiring. Appreciate the assistance! This forum is the best~
  6. Thanks for the info but that one you mentioned is for a radio with an external cd changer. I haven't checked but do our BOSE systems have a cd changer port in the rear? I'm checking out PAC's website now and seeing if they have anything available that doesn't require me tapping into the radio antenna and using an fm channel. Seems like it would be simpler to just buy an aftermarket head unit but I can't spend the buckolas right now :o(
  7. Hi all, Its been forever since I've been on. Too long. Anyway, I'm looking for a way to plug in a 1/8" plug into the stock stereo. I noticed that there is an "aux" under the "cd" button. Does that actually do anything? I'm looking to hook up my portable satellite receiver to the stock system. I've got the Bose multi cd system WITHOUT satellite radio. Thanks all!
  8. Hey there and welcome to the forum! I have a brand new UMC throttle body spacer if you are interested. Shoot me a message if you are.


  9. I think if you use these by themselves its a 2" drop but if you use a shackle kit with them you get 4". I'm not sure but if you check their website it will tell you. Or someone here can!
  10. Brand new in the box McGaughy's spring hanger kit #33035 $110 shipped to lower 48
  11. I'll split the shipping cost with the buyer. I'll also consider any reasonable offers!
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