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  1. I think I did everything I could except change the turbo. I was modding this car very early in the Evo's life here in america. I had an 03 I bought about 2 months after they became available. Started mods right after break in. The largest inprovement was 272 cam's, AMS Full 3 inch turbo back with test pipe, larger injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump and lots and lots of tuning. AMS is getting 600 whp from there big turbo kit!!!!
  2. This was my baby. AMS did all the work on her, dyno 402 whp at the wheels before I was given an offer i could not refuse I love the silver. looks better on that car. makes the lines stand out more!! My Webpage
  3. Welcome,, Black is the fastest ones ya know!!!
  4. No, but I wish that was an actual storage place. It is our companies dock, it has 2 doors but on any given day it only uses one of them. So I can park it behind door number 2 and it won't get touched. I gota get a cover for the thing, keep the dust and crap off of it!
  5. Yea.. the nice thing about storage is I can take anything apart, take it with me modifiy it and bring it back.. Or just work on it there! Got plenty of room. Cam. NOS, Clear Corners, BSER Roll Pan, are the winter goals.
  6. Best place In CHI town is Graphix Zone in Roselle IL, They do some great work. lots of magazine cars and very competitive prices!!
  7. That is a good spot for them.. Kudos to you man.. I love doing stuff like that! Hoped you used the Vett filler so you don't get any cracks! Joe
  8. Last pics of the year. My boss at work was nice enough to give me some space at the office for the winter. Nice guy!! Enjoy!
  9. Here they are!! This was hard.. I have so many pictures on here!! They all remind me of great times,,, both of these do as well, Both are with the SS too,
  10. E mail sent!! This will help... Except I wont use the AC for atleast another couple of months!!! (Hate winter)
  11. ohh music selections.. Animals (new nickleback album) Click Click Boom (Saliva) Anything metalica! Anything else guys?
  12. lOOKS GOOD. i would have bought the GMC Siera Denali with the 4 door. But it was not offered in 03 when I got mine, Don't you have a 6.0L in that truck?
  13. Glad you skipped on it. Not a good idea to buy non working audio equipment.
  14. I changed mine to work like that, I could not stand the stupid Bus system in the truck controling the radio and not turning it off somtimes. So I have my whole system relayed with the key, That way I no longer have to worry about it.... Also, I have a remote start. so when I warm up my truck, and lets say I turn it back off. the radio is not out there cranking for 10 min draning the battery. The Radio won't even turn on with the remote start activated, that way, if I was cranking it when I came home last night, I don't have to worry about waking the neighbors at 5 am the next morning if it forgot to turn it down before I turned it off the night before. Just helps a few things in my opinion. That was the good... Now the bad... There is a small turn off pop that I am working on getting rid of! Don't know where it is coming from,, probably cause the turn off is not delayed but I am working on getting rid of it.
  15. Hey Zippy did you ever get a chance to look into this? I was on the HP Tuners website and it looks like there are MPH settings for the fans in addition to temps. These are supposed to be related to the A/C. Below a set vehicle speed fans will go on to circulate air around the A/C compressor when it is on. Chris said in the V8 Miscellaneous Tuning forum on 11/15 that he would be updating the help files on this. I'm too stone-age to post the link but hope this helps. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have been looking for these these fields and I can't find them under the fans option. I would LOVE To turn on the fans when i drop below 10 to 15 mph so my AC does not get hot. I have all winter to figure this issue out. but it would be nice when summer comes!
  16. I am assuming that you have an aftermarket radio? This happens once in a while. The way around it is to set up your Remote turn on on a relay off of your ignition wire. That way it will buypass all of the GM security features that get jazzed up with the pac module. If you have a stock deck, you can do the same thing. Joe
  17. Yep,,, I still need them too,, and missed it! Tbryne. Can I get on an E mail list with you when this stuff goes down??? Joe K
  18. You have to remove the door panel. you will break tabs and then you will just be kicking yourself for not taking the door panel off. To remove panel Roll window down. Remove Bezel around door handle, take out screw. Remove screw on bottom of pannel from the underside, pull out the shell of the inside of the door pocket Remove bezel around the manual lock switch, remove screw behind panel. Pull the door panel up to release clips and once released, swivel door panel so you can remove connections, don't forget to remove the light bulb in the lower end of the panel too. (twist and it will pull out) once off you can do what you need to do! Joe!
  19. Watch out how deep the tweeter is. we don't have alot of depth behind our A pillars so you might have to mold something in or just mount them to the sail on the door or behind the grill next to the 6.5 in the door.
  20. A lot of guys on here are runing the JL stealth box. They make two of them One that fits under the center console and hides completely (awesome) and another one that fits under the rear seat! Both hit, the console one is cooler cause you will never see it nor will it detract from the usability of the rear seat
  21. You can look at my mod list.. most of the stuff is not necessary, but a supercharger, and Stall converter will get you right there. Just to put a cheap icing on the cake, get a smaller pully and a cusom tune for the charger and you should be good to go. You could do it the NA route too. A few guys have done cam, stall, exaust tune and some other things to get real close to that.
  22. You can find them behind the rear panel on the center console, that is if you have the bose system. There is another post on here where Fast4popper lists the wire colors, and it was really recent in this section of the forum too. Sorry I can't help more
  23. Ohh one more thing,, Are the two woofers on the same plane? or is one recessed further back than the other one? I build a fair amount of home audio speakers and that is a big issue with them is that the drivers are ligned up properly, (voice coil alignment) now I would not think that it makes that big of deal in a car cause you are off axis anyway,, but just wanted to get your thoughts on that and how the set up was executed.
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