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  1. I always like fiberglass resin and tissue paper. one layer on the back of the cone, the other on the front.so they join through the hole and make it air tight.
  2. Get your mods insured, It is very important. It cost me an extra 350$ a year to have my truck covered for 60k and all aftermarket parts. Joe K
  3. Some one buy this truck!!!!!! Or ELSE!!
  4. This is a fun sport if you have a group of guys dedicated to it. I have seen this car at shows before. It makes my body feel funny when it plays!!!
  5. Dude.. I would love to have your truck once I unload mine,, but I guess they call that a buyers contigency..
  6. Denali is very nice, We have an 05 in the family and love it, and it has caused 2 of my friends to buy them!! One got an 04 and the other an 03!! If I was driving an SUV instead of the SSS it would be a Denali My .02
  7. I am trying to move my truck, I am leaving the stereo in it so the thing is considered a custom done truck, where have you guys had luck selling cars that have had mods on them.??
  8. ask revolutionary, he works on them fairly often!
  9. yea.. #8 and the dog eating cats.. I hate cats..
  10. Sorry to see that man! It blows when stuff like this happens... What kind of phone do you have! That camera pic is really clear for that. Joe
  11. OHh that should make the bose system sound better!!!
  12. I am sorry I did not catch this post Ill get some more detailed pictures up. The Alt does not have a warranty, Rebuild would cost around 150$ but that depends on what you are rebuilding.. Most alt rebuilds include the internals, This has all extras external from the casing to keep heat to a minimum and let the alt breath.. The Rectifier has been beefed up to accept 300 amps, not 225 as the case says. Also, I can't offer any guaranteed power specs on this alt. It was bench tested from the guy who made it and then the numbers were given to me. 110 amps at 1000 rmp engine speed and 280 at full tilt. Ill ask Frank to get pics up tonight. Joe
  13. Yea they are no joke, my truck hits 147 with 3 12's not just one!!!!
  14. Hey Guys I need some help in moving this one. I really don't want to take the stereo out and I really don't want to take it to car max!!! I put an offer in on a house today, not accepted yet but the truck has to go for financing to go through. I am considering ALL OFFERS ON this truck FULL STEREO, Show winning, DVD Entertainment ready, 147Decibles !!!!! ZIPPY TUNE 400HP estimated ZIPPY SHIFT KIT TONNO COVER 280 AMP ALTERNATOR (adjustable voltage) 2800 TRAIL BLAZER CONVERTER 3 optima batteries 160 degree stat msd wires nkg plugs K+N Filter FULL DYNYAMAT (roof, floor doors firewall etc etc pics to prove it) very quiet LINE X BED LINER Some one has to want this truck! You are some one you know is looking at them. Truck is in storage ready to show!!!
  15. Bump it up.. Hits internet Feb 13th.
  16. I think Every SS SHould Come With this Mod..
  17. sweet ride, but I think the SSS was probably faster than that vett if it was running those times!
  18. Sorry man.. Optima yellows are New in July, Still have warranty through 08 Great battery. 135$ shipped to you.. Normaly they are 160-190$ Let me know, I am throwing the truck up on E bay with the stereo for a decent reserve with the stereo,, if it does not sell the battery is yours.. Joe K
  19. Here is a picture of it peaking up in the engine bay. Frank will have to get better pictures for me or when I come to his place to get the Headliner Ill be getting pics as well.
  20. 300$ came with everything for the roof. So the liner comes with all dyed plastic parts as well! nice bonus. it was 300$ I really did not want to spend, but what ever. I think I have a buyer on this thing right now. Ill keep you guys posted. Joe
  21. The Fans are plug and Play, You have to have a tune that will activate them through a pin on your ECU. Just hook up + - and Turn on through the pin. Joe Krelle
  22. Ditto.. Ill throw in my wheels if you take asking price!
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