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  1. here is the link. I want to go Bigger, And I forsure want to make the low 12's when I do it! Will this engine get me there with zipp tuning it up? I know I have to get bigger injectors, rebuilt tranny, vig TC, Longtube headers etc. but I want to get my truck moving again!!!! SLP 402 page Joe
  2. Chase I am glad that you got your blower!! Congrats!!!
  3. Dylan has always been cool, but he did trade his sport truck in for a Grocery Getter! That has to be a shift towards the gay side a little bit. ON the real topic note. I love Bannana Pancakes, they are good!!
  4. SEM makes a Plastic Die that would color match your plastic overhead console, handles, Climate Control Vent and over head light. IT look much better when you don't have any tan piece up there!!
  5. Can you make the lower color more of a charcole silver? I would love to see that. been thinking about a two tone since last year. It would be cool to see black top with a Arrival blue bottom!!!!
  6. Frank,,,, will the GM parts 572 fit in our truck??? That would be sick! I think it has a 9:1 compression so we could throw some boost at it too!!!!! I have 8k sitting here from selling mods!!!!!!! DAM DAWG!!! ! I hate all of you guys and gals... You are really good at talking me out of my money!!!
  7. I have a friend selling a YGlide with lots of custom chrome on it for around 14, Nice bike.. I started on a Honda SuperHawk, Vtwin motor so it is less twitchy and revs smoother Not underpowered by any means (996cc) but not too much to handle Fits well for big guys. 5,10 and taller. Corners well, Confortable for distances and look sweet. You can find brand new 05's for around 4-6k out there!! ChicagoCycle.com probably still has some. They took a huge shipment of them from Japan when they were over produced in 05. Joe!!
  8. 6.0ss


    Not tried it yet.. But the ads are friggin funny!
  9. DO it you will love yourself for it.. and your body will thank you!!!!
  10. Frank.. I am thinking that a 427 might be the project next winter!!!!! And that new blower that magnacharger is coming out with!!!!
  11. So I just finished 2 weeks ago stripping every performance mod off my truck I had in preparation to sell it so I could buy a house.... For those that remember..(Radix, cam, E fans Longtubes, Corsa, Drop, Eradispeeds, Etc. etc.) Well it was all set up to sell the truck when..... I GOT PROMOTED AT WORK !!!!!!!! And it is enough extra to keep the truck!!!! While I am extatic about keeping the thing cause the stereo is still there. IT is very Very VERY hard to drive a stock truck around after having something that was anything but stock!!!!!! Just had to say,,, I am back, I am removing the truck from the market! And I can't wait for us to have some more get togethers and hang out!!! Joe K
  12. I'm waiting for Rob, Joe, Donny or anyone else to see this But, to know me is to love me <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ohh god this is great!!!!! I got one for you!!! LOL (EDIT) Dam I can't find the picture on this computer, it must be at work!!! Ill get one up that the indy guys will appreciate!!!
  13. Bump it up.. Stereo competing truck ready to go.. This thing is proven!!!!
  14. I would say build one. You probably could for 10-13k I have been considering it. Also you could build it how you want to... 4wd-Awd-2wd RCSB-ECSB-QCSB You get to make it up!!! Joe
  15. Fox. That thing does not come much more than a couple inches out side of the dash. The Pack adapter gives you a ton more wire when you put in an aftermarket but the factory one does not move much. There is a metal braket down low in the back left that it gets held up on some times but GM does not give you much extra to work with.
  16. Yea top one is an EQ the Bottom is the CD/DVD player.. ILl refresh the pictutres so they work right!
  17. BUMP BUMP BUMP>... that is what this truck does!!!!
  18. Face it down. It will hit a bit harder. But for strict sound quality, you should face it up, The sound will not have near the distortion or the vibration induced distortion as it would shooting down. My 2 Cents
  19. Rob, THat picture was taken last year, It was just a fun time and it is not often you can hold a glock and a 44 magnum in your hands at the same time. A custom shirt for Mr warren would be great!!!! So dam funny!!.. INside joke for those that dont understand.
  20. Gosh Dylan. Every time I see pics of your truck the thing is so clean, I guess that is what you get in SO Cal. I have one for sale. Here is the thread. Sale Thread Joe.
  21. Glad it was not mine,, mine was faster than that!! But cool vid!!
  22. LOL.. that is funny memories.... Yea, I am it will move when the right guy or gal comes along.
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