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  1. Well I almost have this stuff done,, but no really, Here are some tease shots of the stereo that is going in and I installed the drop kit on monday!!! It was a good weekend spent with my SS! Here is a pick of the drop kit! It is a Belltech 2/3 drop, This is a pick of the Alpine DVD, MP3, CD Deck and PXA H700 EQ Here is a picture of the TV screen Pod that I made. only took about 3 hrs for this one!! It was the easy part! This is the Rear seat that was modified to hold 2 Phoenix Gold amps and a Power Core capacitor! It looks so clean, can't wait to get it in the truck!! Last Pic of the Drop, I hope to get more done this weekend. Ill keep the pics comin, I am also getting my sound domain site up!
  2. If I still had my 400+ hp Evo I would love to run!! http://members.sounddomain.com/evoguy But I sold it for an SS. I really am looking forward to see how fast this truck can be!!!
  3. I am in for the bars, I hope they make this truck corner even better!!, If the bars are the same shape as the stock bars, just thicker, then they should work with out a problem, stock or lowered, but then again, they might not be shaped the same as stock!
  4. The rotor upgrade and bracket from Eradi Speet help the truck stop much better, bout 20 percent better. By increasing the size of the rotor the caliper is gaining leverage on the whole wheel! If you combined that with ss lines and pads you would have quite a brake upgrade for about 1500 bucks!! A guy at our local shop had them put on an escalade and they helped him a TON!!
  5. The stance of the truck look great. Do the B4 wheels come in any different offsets? If they do you could trade sell what ever for a different front set that does not stick out quite so far, so it clears the fender? That is what most do when they start getting that low, they make sure the wheels can tuck inside the fender! Ohh by the way. .Did you get any vibration in the system???
  6. I WANT ONE!!!! HOW DO I GET IT!!! PM ME!!!
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