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  1. I have some things that I must sell:!!!! Don't wana, but gota! 1 phoenix gold 15inch TI sub, Dual 4 ohm voice coil sub new this goes for 350 from dealers, web sells them for 120$, I have mine NEW in the box for 90$ 2 Eclipse 12inch aluminum subs. These are the 400$ 1000 watt ones Disclosure on these subs, One is older than the other by 1 year, both have a very minor blemish on the cone, One is a scratch, the other is a small dent from some one touching the cone, I am selling these for 100$ each, Model #'s Are, SW8122 and 88120, The only difference is the magnet can be removed for servicing on the SW8122 4 JL audio 6W0 4 ohm subs, 2 in great condition, 2 in worse condition, Selling all 4 for 100$ Please E mail me at [email protected] for information specific to these Sales and Remember These prices do not included shipping or additional cost involved with payment, I accept Wires, Pay Pal, Official Checks, Local Pick up, Cash!
  2. When you guys are talking about the PI converter, I assume you are talking about the one on their site called the Vigilanti? Zippy had said in a round about way that the PI converer would last longer than the TrailBlazer converter because of its lock up characteristics< Is anyone else running this converter?? What do you think about it!!
  3. ALl right I figured most of this stuff out, Yanks website was the most helpful and transgo was ok to.. What do the Billit Servos and Acumulator pistons do???
  4. What Day are you guys shooting for, A sunday would work best for me, Especially next sunday because I will be down in Bloomington IL on Saturday night! I am not Really Picky though!! LOL
  5. So the Torque converter keeps the engine in its powerband better! Got it, The Servos help it shift better, but not quicker, I am guessing by better you mean more positive of a shift opposed to quicker snap shifts? What makes the truck shift faster? Pressure increase in the tranny? Springs of somekind, something to do with a shift kit? Or is this Part of a custom Tune? TT3000 Yank Convertor, Keeps engine in the power, Transgo Shift Kit, ???? HP Clutches, ????? 3-4 Band, ?????? Billet Servos, Helps shift better but what do you mean by better? Aluminum Accumulator Piston??????? B&M Super Cooler??????? I just don't want to spend the $$$$ and not like what I have done, ya know!!
  6. I participated with the F body club last year 03 and had a blast, I don't think I would take the SS on the track, but a caravan up there would be awesome!!!! Especially if there is some racing to watch!!! I am in give me the date!!! If it turns into a track day, Ill grab pops M3
  7. IT would be fun to go to a track and meet, Or someones house so we can fire up the grill!!!!!! I am from the chicago Area, Don't mind a little trip,, maybe some other CHICAGO guys can step it up!!!!
  8. Well I am taking my truck in for this diff wine sound because the steering colum was fixed in one day and knew exactly what that was, Lets see if they know what this sound is!!! LOL, I am also getting some binding in very tight corners while parking and what not,, now i know that is not right!!
  9. I am looking to do some tranny mods, I am reading lots of post and searching about these mods and can't find real answers, and am confused with the terminology!! I want snappy shifting, I don't want a neck breaker unless I am on it! I am going to be doing a radix or STS by spring as well.... Does a 2800 2600 mean what RPM the converter grabs at???? DOes this mean that there is a good jerk everytimes you accelerate? What do these numbers mean???? Some one Discribe for me what the big difference is adding a: torque converter Alone.... Shift Kit Alone.... Billit Servos Alone... Pump Kit..... Actuators..... As you can see I am trying to find out what each one does in the set up. Most of you have done all of them together is there a reason for that?? I am new to Automatic transmissions here so help a Brother out if you can. I am concerned that the truck will be hard to drive with the mods every day, I don't want to loose drive-ablility, just sharpen up the shifts and beat the imports!! Lastly..... THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!!!
  10. ohh I am interested in this stuff but will it work in a 03????
  11. Dam,, I will have to take mine in, I have wine but also some simple binding as if I did not have a center diff in a 4wd truck, Have any of you had Center Diff problems?
  12. I liked the black twill shirt with the SS logo and the Hat!
  13. That was histarical,, because I have run into people at shows like that before!!
  14. I really like the way that looks!!!!!!
  15. Ok, I went to another dealer to get their opinions on the truck again. Things you can't do with it!!! LOL TOW,, THIS IS HUGE<, no towing!! No more than 500LB of weight in the bed!!! No extended cab Very expensive 7-11 MPG!!!!!!!! LOL, I thought the SS was bad Keep your License in your pocket!!! Cool truck but not anything more than a toy, Ill take a Vett, CTS-V or M3 first!!
  16. That sucks,, Ford needs to bring that truck out because, well for selfish reasons that just do!
  17. THere is a dyno chart of the 6.0 on the sts website!!!
  18. Is you asking to post video mean you are done??????????? If you are ,, where you from,, I want a ride!!!!!!
  19. When I I had my Evolution I ran into this same problem. Aftermarket Intakes would actually make the car less powerful, in the K&N case I lost 26hp. You would think on a turbo car or in our case a deep breathing 6.0 that more air would be better, but none of the aftermarket intakes do much for us. What is the real reason here? Is it physics or vacume related in some way?
  20. Ok I am loosing some of you guys on the terminology here. A PI Converter: I am guessing is a Torque Converter, but why call it a PI Stall RPM: This I am guessing is the point at which the PI catches and launches the truck? IF towing you need a lower stall so you don't wear out the PI (why call it a PI??) What can be done to strenthen our transmissions? I hear that people destroy them when they add power mods. Does a Torque Converter with a stall of 2600 feel funny when driving? I guess my question is, when you let off the brake in drive, does the truck begin to move and when you step on the gas and the rpm hits 2600, is there a jerk under normal driving or is it not set up this way??? I just want to be very sure of what I am getting My self into. It is a decision of modifying this truck to run 13's or get a RAM SRT10, The SS I think has more practicality to it and is a better daily driver here in the west burbs of chicago! LAST QUESTION, is a CR5 engine a drop in modification, and what does it cost to get one??
  21. IF i have between 5-8k to drop into the SS, Where would the money be best spent keeping in mind this is a daily driver? I am guessing that F/I is the first option and then supporting mods, My goal is to run a 13 second quarter mile!!
  22. I agree with everything here, thanks for the opinions, I guess what I am running into is that, I had a Very Modified Mitsu Evolution, that was running 11's, (that was a sick car but very hard as a daily driver) Then I got my SS, Awesome as a daily driver, but not quite as fun, or fast As I would like a truck to be. Now I know I can modify the truck, get racing seats put in, which is what I am debating. Here is the Delema Drop 8k into this truck or drop it into a SRT10, wait untill the new lightning comes out? GOD THERE HAS GOT TO BE HELP GROUPS FOR PEOPLE LIKE US!!!!!
  23. Ok guys, I have a friend that works at a dodge Dealer and I can hop on into a Red or Black SRT10 for 40k and change. I am looking at the black one, we all know black is the fastest . What are your opinions of this truck? Have anyone of you driven one or been able to drive in one? My problems with it are you can't tow with it and it is only 2wd, Things I like, Stick Shift, 500hp, racing seats, 22's, 6 speed, in a real truck! Let me know what you think, I kinda want one!!
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