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  1. I just got rid of my Baer Eradispeed upgrade and am looking to dive into a bigger brake set up. I know the Aluma Sports squeek and that is just not acceptable for me and spending 2k on brakes that squeek. Any one know or had experience with the New Willwood ones on Tbyrne?
  2. Sure, but it would be a daily driver and I would sell 2 cars to get it! Where are the clients going to sit?
  3. Man you wussed out. . I found a way to keep mine while buying property, what the hell!!! Peace man.. good luck with the property
  4. Haha.. I still like the Diamond Audios for the $$$$ and they have lifetime warranties on some of there products!
  5. Nice truck.. Black is the best!
  6. There is a Tech notes out on the front diff. I had mine replaced, took 3 weeks but they did it and we are all better now. My Friend has a denali and he had is replaced and there was another SS owner here in Chicago that had his replaced. So this for me has been a common problem with the AWD front diff.
  7. Hell yes there is a market for this swap! I would like one!!
  8. Driveway with awesome sun set!
  9. I have all of my mods covered under an Adendum policy that is above and beyond the normal truck insurance. It cost me an aditional 350$ per year, but if I get in an accident or the truck is stolen or what ever. Everything that was done to the truck is covered in full, including labor.
  10. Naw our trucks will do that with out too much coaxing!! you just gota keep on the gas hard!!
  11. the H stands for Haus... And Ill take a beta test blower to whoop on for a while.
  12. Now in reality, I know we don't have any of these up and running, but will this allow the radix to flow more air? (might sound dumb) But I am wondering if this will allow a radix to support more air into a larger Cube engine?
  13. I wish I could have seen the look on my face when I first glanced at them...
  14. They are pretty accurate. Just make sure you have your weight in there right! it can really throw stuff off if it is wrong.
  15. Welcome.. and yes A radix will take you a long way!!!! Enjoy the road!
  16. Soo, just to bring this back up and make sure I am reading you right ben. Do the Engine Swap and if the plan is to go FI, then build the new Motor for a low CR (around 9) and then FI it with something larger than a radix like a procharger or Vortech or Turbo? I understand your idea about Going FI on the 6.0 and using that until something blows up, and then building up the larger Cubes, but making sure that your FI system can correctly charge the Larger Cubes. I want to break the 11's which way will get me there.
  17. Chris. I am seriously considering it! but there are very small differences between a 408 and a 402, I just have to decide if I want to FI later or stay NA.
  18. No, I had a promotion at work, and the pay increase was just the same as my truck payment, SO I am capable of keeping the truck as I purchase my townhome next month. What half blows about the situation is I sold all my mods off the truck, and It is completely stock except the stereo ! So I need to start on the path of making it faster again!!!
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