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  1. I have a set up Q form Kick pannels for a 1999 and up Chevy fullsize truck. They are currently cut out for a 51/4 inch mid range and a 2 inch tweeter. They are covered in Dynamat on the back side and fit right into the truck, no modification or anything. They are in great shape and will do good for some one out there. I am asking 75$ for them alone or 300$ with the Diamond Audio HEX S500S components in them already. Please Don't Repost, Email me questions at [email protected] Joe
  2. Sorry I Missed Rockford, I was down In STL watching the Cubs beat up on the Cardinals. Go figure that one out. The cubs have been sucking ass and they won 2 out of 3 down there against a much better team... Hope you guys had fun in rockford! Joe
  3. Nice looking pan. This one does not have the funny lines out on the edges like the bser roll pan.
  4. And they switched again.. Only a red top available.
  5. yea this picture.. I used a wood plate because the door could actualy accept a 7 inch speaker and the 6.5 fit just a little funny. I think I still have the wood cut outs if you would want them.
  6. Chris Bailed on the Yellow top and went for the red top, So I still have a Yellow Available..
  7. Originaly that was my reason for doing it! My efans were killing my power on the stock alt... Then When I looked into doing a twin alternator set up from Ohio or Stinger they would not work with my radix... so i paid the cash to have this one built. It cost me around 850$ a year ago! A compressor will pull some major amps too.. you will need to upgrade to something more than stock for sure.
  8. yea it is no problem at all, I can walk you through it as well as give a wire diagram for you. It will seem over whelming at first but it is very easy because it bypasses all of the factory wires and just connects right to the battery.
  9. GUys and Gals I have 3 Diamond Audio 12 Inch Subwoofers for sale These are the D6 dual 4 ohm 12" sub woofers. They handle 1000 watts peak and 500 RMS. I was able to make 147db with three of them in my truck! 175$ each shipped. One of them has a small dent in the cone, I dropped a pen on the aluminum cone and it dented it a tiny bit when I was taking them out of my garage, That one ill sell for 150$ The other 2 are flawless and look brand new! no blemeshes,, fresh out of the box new looking. Here are some pics!! PM me Email me [email protected] Call me 630-707-1365 These will go great with my other thread Link to other Diamond Audio Stuff
  10. Hey Guys and Gals This is the set up right out of my truck and it screams and sounds great! I have Diamond Audio S400S Hex 4 inch Component speakers with the Silk dome tweeters, and Crossovers. (Rear Door) 250$ S500S Hex 5 inch Component Speakers with the Silk Dome Tweeters and Crossovers. (Kick Panels) 250$ 1 pair of 6.5" HEX midbass speakers (front doors) 200$ S500S components in Kick Panel Enclosure 6.5" Midbass Speaker If you buy the s500s and the 6.5" midbass off of me I will throw in the Qform Kick panels! other wise they are 75$ separate. E Mail me [email protected] Or call 630-707-1365
  11. You will want to use one of these. use one of the fused parts for an imput to the battery and use one of them as the output to your stereo. That way you are not running anything through your restrictive factory wire. I have 2 of these left for sale right now if you want one. They make wire set ups so much easier!
  12. Bump... Some one might be grabbing the yellow one! ill keep ya posted
  13. out put at idle is just over 130 amps. you have to have the rest of the stuff you can't just plug this one in. There is no factory wire harness used, Just disconnect it and move it out of the way. The pully that is on it is a GM factory sized Pully and I have another one that will ship with it that is a ford pully, .25 inches smaller for a little more out put. I never needed it and My system pulled over 350 amps of current at full tilt! so that shows ya what this thing can do! I don't have my spec sheet on it. Sorry.
  14. Man anyone.. I think this is a good price.. shoot me some offers!
  15. This is a 12 second set up with the right exaust system, Maybe better depending on supporting mods!
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