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  1. Dear Silverado SS guys.


    It has been awhile since i have been here! Hope all is well.


    I had and my brother still has a Silverado SS and the Dealer Reflashed his ECU tune that we had flashed on his truck during his last service.


    I sold my HP tuners Cable and software when I sold my truck.


    Does anyone have a HP Tuners Cable that I can use to Reflash my Brothers Truck for him?


    I have the HP tuners software on my laptop as well as his tune saved. Just need the Cable for a few days???


    If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated!!


    We are reflashing a 2003 SS in ST Louis.


    Joe Krelle



    Reason being is that if there are only 1 or 2 of you that want them now, we will just wait till the spring time or I can do it one evening at my house and set it up separate than this GTG


    PLEASE PM Me so I can plan my weekend.



  3. I belive that he is selling that stuff.




    It is no problem on the NSX at all. It is a Toy and it does not need to have any of this stuff really!!


    I will come out and do the Headliners on Saturday for you guys, Ill be there between 8 and 9 am to get started. I think I could rock out 4 of them in a day!



  4. I can commit myself to this weekend if We get more than 3 headliners and Chris does not want to do them. Ill let chris make the call on that one! I owe him a spray gun anyways :-)


    If I can dig up a VCM HP Tunes Cable, we might beable to bang out some NA simple PCM Flashes as well. Ill talk with Zippy or Frank to see what we can do! I still have the cable and software on my laptop from my SS days.


    Ghost of Joe...

  5. HOLY SHNIKIES! HE lives!! it was good to see you as well Joe! thanks for helping a brother out. i was taxed on my time thats for sure!



    Yes the Ghost Of Joe Is here.... Great Job on the Remote Start Chris.. you really kick ass!! I got more for you here.. My other car and then some buddies want some set up.... How many do you have to do to make it worth your time on the weekend? I think there are a number of NSX Owners Localy that would want this done!

  6. Guys it was good to meet some new faces and great to catch up with some of the regular guys. Cory, great transformation from last time I saw the truck, Kudos to you.


    Chris, Great work on the interior, I had always seen pictures and it proves that you do clean work when in person they look better! (so many times it is quite the opposite) :thumbs:


    chad, congrats on getting a ring on the girls finger.. now I hope she says yes!!! LOL ( I am sure she will)


    Frank- (as I am getting ready to hop back into an LQ9 i wish you were staying in town to do the work for me, but I don't Think it will be the case! maybe ill fly you back in over the summer to do it over a week or so! who knows..


    Glad to see you are all doing well and It reallly made me miss my truck. :banghead: ..... Thanks guys!



  7. Hey Guys.

    Been on this board for ages, sold my SS last spring and am looking to get back into the game.


    I am looking at a 2006 GMC Sierra Denali with the LQ9, 65Trans, AWD 20" wheels Etc etc!


    I had dropped my SS when I had it, But am considering a lift with the Sierra Denali. Other than trasfercase, what is the difference between the Auto Trac and the AWD.

    Are the diffs the same?

    CV Joints the same?

    Drive Shaft length?


    ProComp, Fabtech,CST all makes lifts for trucks with auto track, but they don't specify AWD, but i know the systems work very similar to each other. Any any one see a reason why I might not beable to do a 6" lift on this truck?


    Joe K

  8. MAN.. Someone took some major ideas from the set up I had in my truck in 2004!!!


    Headliner, Monitors, Rear seat... Geezz I feel prostituted... :jester:


    Ok not really It is a bad ass set up and major props should be given cause it is not easy to make something look that clean in a set up.. takes many many hours!!!

  9. My first gues is the tune. If you have the Shift points on WOT set up just a tad off you will never shift out of a gear at WOT.


    I was tuning out my Brothers trans and I had put a MPH amt that was too high and we just sat on rev limit with out a shift, as soon as you let off, the computer no longer recognizes WOT programing and reverts back to normal part throttle programing which is probably correct and thus... shifts like it normaly would.


    Contact the tuner or E Mail me the tune and I can check out if this is the case for you assuming that you Have HP Tuners.. if not,, then find a local person that does so we can see a copy of your tune.


    [email protected]


    If this is not the case...... I got nothin.. :sick:

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