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    Chevy Trucks(I own a 2005 Supercharged Silverado SS in Onyx Black bought from a Silveradoss member from Florida I love NASCAR,ASCAR Racing,Riding my Tricycle,Having Fun with my Family and friends, my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Blazer my Dorky Dashund Yorkie cross Rocco ,2 Bearded Dragon lizards and Corn snake<br />Music, LIFE..
  1. i'm 50 but my wife says i'll never grow up, my toys just cost more, so 18 going on 50 lol
  2. When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. R.I.P.. Mother, Grandmother,Aunt,Friend....... our prayers are with you and you family Eamonn n Heidi UK
  3. i just wish i had more time to spend on here... roll on my lottery win
  4. lol yer not kidding Bobby, i love driving a f/s truck esp when you drive up beside a toyota hilux or the like.... i've pm'd you re your wheel didn't realise you were a serviceman (i'll be buying you a beer when we meet)so the hint to save tax/ duty might not be any good for you, hope you get sorted quickly, i only sold a set of stock silverado wheels last august, pity coz you'd have been welcome to use till you get sorted, but they'd sat in my garage taking space for a couple of years so when i got offered some $$$ shipped em out...
  5. Congrats on building such a awesome truck, i've always loved the sportside trucks.. well done keep up the good work eamonn
  6. Merry Christmas to all on Silverado SS from the UK Hope you all get everything you wish for, those in the services keep safe and have a fantastic 2010. All the Best Eamonn from the UK
  7. Found my SSS on here and traveled halfway round the world to view and buy lol would do it all again, but then there ain't many SSS for sale in the UK... Glad you found a great truck and in the right color ..black ones are faster ;) eamonn UK
  8. lol hell if it floats his boat, personally wouldn't be seen dead in it..... def not for me
  9. 19k would love to use as DD but with gas at $9.00 a gallon its my weekend plaything/mistress , and the wife doesn't mind lol
  10. wishing you a speedy recovery, my mom had it years ago it cleared up fine in about 3 months and a girl in my office has it at the moment been off work for about a month, all the best eamonn
  11. My order arrived today Thanks Josh made my day oh and btw i spell eamonnschevy with double n not m lol but you can spell it however you wish , its a great calendar and i'm really happy to be part of it.... the tee shirt is fantastic and i've cracked open a beer with my keyring just to break it in thanks again eamonn
  12. thanks buddy, yea i love it thought i'd post it up for you coz as you say its got a deep tone, i'm sure more will post their sound of exhaust till you find the one you like. all the best eamonn
  13. did it sound anything like this? my SS Supercharged Truck exhaust
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