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  1. Still got this? I need one for a project I'm working on, how much you need for it? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Wow,woke this thread up from the dead! Mines a daily driver right now but about to be back on the lift for the winter.
  3. Headers,front mount intercooler,60 lb mototron inj. Boost and fuel gauges and the right tuner. 90% stock,truck was a blast. If I remember right it was a 3.4 pulley on the D1SC. Went bottom 12's and drove like a stock truck.
  4. The 2wd and 4wd have different tail shafts,but you can get a 4wd tail shaft for a 2wd if needed,sounds like a good price,just smell the fluid before you pay,burnt clutches smell bad. Put a transgo HD2 kit in it and it will be bulletproof
  5. Do the D1,you will love it,i had one on mine for 35,000 miles at around 12-15 psi on a stock block and it was a blast! When I pushed it to 17 psi and other mods I started blowing tranny's,decided that a complete drivetrain overhaul was needed to push further.
  6. I've got it in the garage on jack stands "playing" with it again,maybe sometime soon it will be at 100% and ready to lay down some numbers!
  7. I'm always up for a GTG,I believe I've had half a dozen or so with guys from this Forum,it's just been a few years. Once I get settled in the new house I'll post something up on here and see who wants to come over
  8. Your right Chris,Sale on my T/A is pending so looks like ill be keeping the truck if it goes through! thanks for the interest,maybe ill sell it some other time.
  9. Bump this shit! Who needs a stupid fast truck for a screaming deal?
  10. http://www.performancetrucks.net/forums/trucks-suv-classifieds-179/03-silverado-ss-awd-408-f1r-4l80-529122/#post5215922
  11. I'm gonna list it on performancetrucks,I should be able to post pics there so ill put a link to them on here
  12. Thanks Chris,get your ass down here and I'm buying the sammiches! Maybe this time we won't get in a fight at the bar,lol
  13. I wanna see someone use it to its full potential,someone is gonna get a hell of a deal on a sweet ridiculous fast truck!!!
  14. It says uploading is not allowed,I'll have to try from my laptop later
  15. Keep the compression close to 10.1,I've had mine both ways and lower compression 8.5-9.0 really sucks outta boost with a heavy truck. Mine is 9.8 with the 408 and it drives like a dream of boost,and then hooly shit on boost!
  16. Horrible,your trucks a turd,reminds me of one i saw in a magazine once! Friggin all show no go let's take some pictures of it trucks,sickening! Put some more red on it! It'll look waaaay better!
  17. Should have said it has 70,000 miles,suede headliner,pioneer touchscreen head unit,kicker l7's and blue led's throughout whole interior. If it doesn't sell soon i may part it out and go stock drivetrain and keep the truck I've had it since it had 4,800 miles,clear clean title in hand,NEVER wrecked and exterior is 9/10 interior also 9/10. It has no dings or dents although the stock hood was scratched while off but I have a fiberglass full function dual scoop ram air hood that can go with it,just needs paint. It is lowered 3-4 and has 22" wheels with 315/40-22 tires I love the rim design but the chrome wasn't the best,they still look great but have some pitting upon close inspection.
  18. For some reason this truck just sits,too busy with other cars and hobbies,only drove it 200 miles last year. I need to get the fuel system finished and final tune and I have all the parts,just no time or motivation to do it. Has 4l85 conversion with Rossler Trans,F1R only has maybe 600 miles on it,408 has the same, runs great just cant go past 10 psi without fuel pressure dropping,pulley is setup to run 22-25 psi,it hits 10 psi on a half throttle launch and hold's it there at about half 5/8 throttle. That's as hard as I've run it lol. It would go 12's like that I bet. I mostly drive my WS6 now and want a CTS-V so his and my 01 SOM Ws6 are up for sale. I probably have $80,000 in this truck,come and get it for $22,500! For some reason it won't let me add pics,send me email or phone number for pics please
  19. I've never had a problem with my rossler,but then again it is a 4L80e
  20. I have a mezierre electric pump on mine, you just need to add a 1" spacer where the gaskets are and use two pairs of gaskets, I might have some spacers laying around if you decide to go this route
  21. Have Pat G spec you a cam on pt.net,he spec'ed mine for me and I love it!
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