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  1. do you have any more 14289 corsa kits? or is it going up on ebay? Let me know Thanks Dustyn i also have a bser black painted roll pan if like to trade torwards it.
  2. do you have y-pipe for a silverado ss that goes into the muffler? also would you sell the touring muffler seperate?
  3. i just got these installed. You know when you start to get bored with your ride then you do another mod or something and you fall in love with all over agian . it just happened. Don't drool too much!!!!!!
  4. diggler_d


    my pics
  5. this is a upper gauge posd that holds two gauges it was custom made. also comes with two gauge rings that you can slide around the trim to angle the gauges toward you. make me an offer i don't even know what to start i at. Email me for bigger pictures [email protected]
  6. listed on ebay now http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAP...T&viewitem= let me know if you want to test drive or have any other questions thanks dustyn [email protected] i may be pulling the turbo off if this doesn't sell and selling it seperate let me know if you want it.
  7. i found this this website it has free shipping and no tax http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/home.do? it discounts clearance site they 150 each 600 even to my door they are actually dark red but the camera made them look little red and pinkish
  8. i powdercoated my wheels and nitto 420 s red line tires like the old school red lines i dont have the center caps finished yet and they need some tire shine after tire shine http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z159/di..._d/CIMG1216.jpg http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z159/di..._d/CIMG1217.jpg http://i195.photobucket.com/albums/z159/di..._d/CIMG1213.jpg
  9. mine is only left also does anyone know of any TSB
  10. i have one but it has a hole drilled in it close to throttle plate where my nitrous nozzle went it would be a good excuse to get nitrous!!!
  11. videos of runs http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=35658
  12. sorry first time posting links with photo bucket links work now The sts sss had 3000 stall converter but he had told me that his methanol wasn't spraying so he wasn't get high boost
  13. This is my Drag race video is only a second differnce but it felt like the STI wasn't even a challenge he did have a aftmarket turbo, intercooler , and injectors this is a pretty good determing factor of how allitude affects time (4500 ft) http://s195.photobucket.com/albums/z159/di...nt=e7651a1f.flv I also raced this SSS with a STS http://s195.photobucket.com/albums/z159/di...nt=192e6cde.flv i guess black is faster !!!!!
  14. mine does it too! i think it might be the boots on the cv joints let me know waht you find out
  15. most stalls can get you about .5 second so could drop the whipple time down to make it more fair but i still would stick with the vortech
  16. Well this might help if you are deciding to go with a whipple or vortech these were the best runs of the night Stock 1/4 mile with no mods right from dealer ship May 2004 60' 2.437 330' 6.839 1/8 10.493 Mph 67.96 1000 13.619 1/4 16.328 mph 82.69 i know 16 she was flying Whipple with no other mods and whipple electroincs whipple tune no torque managment May 2005 60' 2.239 330' 6.228 1/8 9.514 Mph 75.55 1000 12.352 1/4 14.793 mph 92.09 Definetly better but not good enough Vortech supercharger with the Vortech aftercooler Roll pan, hooker aerochamber, and stock air box 2600 stall and zippy shift June 2 2007 60' 1.994 330' 5.532 1/8 8.470 Mph 83.53 1000 11.034 1/4 13.206 mph 103.66 Much better next i'll hit the nitrous after i get the meth injection installed i was seeing some knock the whole run And remember it was at 4500 ft elevation and 75'f i'll post video of me smoking a Subaru STI with a bigger turbo and exhuast as soon as i get it emailed to me I love the vortech i would have it over my whipple any day it has more low end torque and doesn't fall on it's face before it shifts oh and also it's intercooler i could always feel the power loss the more i drove it and the warm it got.
  17. This would loud "Roots" old school whine
  18. That sounds f*cking awesome Good work
  19. this number is discountined and i was wondering if they can be ordered under a new number or waht these were out of (ex 8.1L) Delphi Multec II Shorty 44 lb / hr. Injector Part Number 17113739 (OE Part # 25176061) *** Direct fit for stubby LS1 SUV injectors *** Static flow 37.95lb/hr @ 43.5PSI (4.307 g/s @ 300KPa) = Apx. 43.82lb/hr @ 58PSI / 400KPa Dynamic flow (2.0ms/10.0 ms(pulse width / rep rate)) 6.0 lb/hr @ 43.5PSI (0.748 g/s @ 300KPa) Coil Resistance: High Impedance / High-Z (No ECM driver modifications required) Ball/Seat Design with 3-Hole Diffuser Disc - Pencil stream Thanks Dustyn
  20. sorry i only have pics of the dyno run i'll see what i can dig up
  21. I figured you all might want to check out the dyno charts of our latest creation. This is a 2007 Corvette Z-51 with the Z-06 rear fenders & wheels, Lingenfelter hood & chin spoiler. This vehicle makes 335 Rear wheel horsepower in stock form. (400 HP at the crankshaft) It has a dual stage boost controller that allows the driver to instantly switch between the "Low boost" setting of 7 pounds, to the "High boost" setting of 10 pounds. On "Low boost" this car made 499 Rear wheel Horsepower. On "High boost" it made 605 Rear wheel Horsepower. This was done on an otherwise stock vehicle with the stock 6.0L engine. By way of comparison, the new Z-06 Corvette 427 ci (7.0L) makes 440 Rear wheel horsepower. (505 HP at the crankshaft) Even with the 14" wide tires this monster would consistently loose traction and spin the rear tires at over 70 MPH when the traction control was turned off. Enjoy the pictures...
  22. sorry see this post w/ pics http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=29989
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