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  1. I still have my ss it has 64000 miles on it. One fender has rust and I need to clean it up underneath. I moved to Georgia from New York and just took it for emissions test. Everyone there was drooling over it. Not very many arrival blues left!
  2. I’m still around but like everyone else I don’t visit this site very often. I still have my ss I bought new in 03. Has some rust underneath and a little on the rear wheel well. Only have 60k miles on it!
  3. Any body on here own the red ss that lives on Milford church rd?
  4. that is a really nice truck enjoy it.
  5. the new acura nsx is really nice but at $150k I doubt they will sell many.
  6. I run 17" inch wheels with snow tires in the winter. the truck goes through snow great. look on ebay for wheels and put a package together.
  7. i just saw the 2014 crew cab also the interior is nice but i dont like the outside its to boxey for me. maybe it will grow on me but it did not impress me.
  8. any body know which size ???
  9. i need to get new rear rotors for my truck. when i look them up there are two sizes 325mm & 330mm which size is correct ?
  10. he has had the same girl freind the last 3 years only this year she has been more visible at the track.
  11. nice truck im just wondering what kind of gas mileage the eco boost engines get in real world driving? i love my ss but the high price of gas has me thinking of other options.
  12. 03 arrival blue 41k miles and still get comments from people that like the truck.
  13. i am doing terrible also, looks like a rain out today.
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