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  1. Damn I missed the link until it came to the top. Yes, the burnout was . The Blazer backing up ..."priceless". I had talked to a couple other guys about showing up but they were no shows...2 more black trucks and yes... an ARRIVAL BLUE (he was in Vegas for the SEMA show ). I don't think will have a problem getting more out the next time. It was really cool when we took off and headed out... got some peoples attention with 4 of us running together out to the interstate You could see people react when they realized there were 4 trucks running together...first 2 red ones, then the fast ones pushin' 'em Yeah, I'd like to have Joe's jams for sure, but my wife might not talk to me for....oh say a month....hmmm, might be a plan. Ahhh, who am I kidding I'll surprise her with a Radix or STS. Radix for the truck...STS for the Camaro Now Rob, back to your original post. Belltech #6400 from Stylin' Concepts, 3 full turns on the torsion bars/alignment
  2. Hey guys, had a great time. Next time we need to hit the streets for a little cruise. I noticed we got a lot of looks when we left and had 4 trucks nose to tail out to the interstate. I tried to take some phonecam pics, but they didn't turn out too well I bet Joe got his truck washed today For everybody else...yeah... the red trucks led the way until the interstate I hope we can do it again and get some more members to come out. Joe, your idea about a cruise up Chicago way come springtime... big
  3. (In my best Ben Stiller as David Starsky voice) DO IT!
  4. Hey, he's one of the Illinois crew. Anybody else from the Land of Lincoln going to make it?
  5. I'm not in Alaska, But I have had some issues with the SS on wet roads as it likes to push the front. A change of tires will probably take care of this. I'm not a big fan of Goodyear tires and think there are some better tire choices that would improve our trucks handling in inclement weather. Tire Rack has some good info and reviews on their website. Just my .02
  6. I have talked to a couple of guys who aren't members who plan on showing up as well. They were not aware that there is a rabid following for these trucks
  7. Midday/Early afternoon is my preference as I'll be headed in from Terre Haute Sunday morning. Doesn't really make a difference as to where we meet. Brian
  8. That is so whacked The nitrous ( or in this case NAWWWWSSSS) purge on the Goped was priceless
  9. I kept my original computer. Bryan sent me a computer with the the programming. $390.00 He said a lot of us are keeping our original computers
  10. I am with you. I just can't leave stuff alone. Unfortunately I have not had the intestinal fortitude to resist this. I did get my PCMforless computer about a week ago. I had to do the security relearn 3 times before I got it started. Needless to say, my wife was not happy. She didn't talk to me for 2 days after this, but I did get to see both Game 7 of the ALCS/NLCS without any interruptions . She has since driven the truck and kinda understands, but there is that nagging warranty question...oops. After 25 years, you would think she would be used to this. She did tell me to keep my hands off her Camaro
  11. Same here... keep us posted!!! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Great quote Nice scooters
  12. Rob, Where to meet will depend on how many members and guests confirm. My thoughts included the Mayberry Cafe at the courthouse square in Danville. Upside: good food, reasonably priced. Downside: limited seating for larger groups, parking is limited to street or courthouse area. Avon, IN area Dog n Suds: Drive-in, coney dogs, root beer floats. Car/Truck guy food. Limited inside seating. O'Charley's Longhorn Steakhouse Smokey Bones BBQ Olive Garden Steak n Shake Dairy Queen And last but not least: WHITE CASTLE!!! I will check with some friends who live in Avon for any other suggestions. Brian
  13. 180 to Indy maybe another 10-20 miles to Avon (west suburb) Sunday, November 7th would work for me as well, unless the events director tells me otherwise ;)
  14. Since you've had both, how about the pros and cons to each. I know Sirius just signed Howard Stern, but that wouldn't be enough to make me switch. Haven't had issues with dropouts, but it's pretty flat and wide open here.
  15. Love it. Renewed for 2 years after the free 90 days, brought the cost per month down to $8.29-8.49 per month instead of $9.99. I originally thought I would just use it for the trial period. Great on trips, listen to the same channel or channels without all the commercials and only occassional station ID and disc jockey chatter. Downside, I may end up retrofitting couple of my other cars and a home unit to boot. Enough variety for everyone Some Channel Suggestions (yeah i'm OLD) Channel 40 Deep Tracks- album cuts you never hear on FM because they're too long- 60s-70s mostly Channel 46 Top Tracks- songs you know from 60s-70s-80s Top 40 rock n roll Channel 7- 70s- Top 40 Channel 8- 80s- Top 40 Channel 9- 90s-Top 40 Channel16 Highway 16- current country hits Channel 60 Soul Street- Motown, R&B
  16. Sounds good to me. Looking at the list maybe Avon/Plainfield/Danville area would be more centrally located. I've got a couple buddies with SS (Arrival Blue '03/ another Black '04) that would come along as well. Don't know if they ever signed up here yet. Let's hear from some other Indiana owners! Brian
  17. Well, one thing for sure, you like your emoticons. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Absolutely..."Smoke 'em if you got 'em"... comes to mind ;)
  18. I visit quite a few sites, more as a lurker but the information has always been good. I also see quite few here over at LS1tech so it's apparent I'm in good informed company
  19. $100 bucks I've made a lot of $100 mistakes in my lifetime. This could be snake oil, but maybe actually has some merit. They do have the patent and the one article about the oil companies wanting to buy or buying the patent as long as it wasn't shelved, did pique my interest.
  20. I read through a lot of the information on their site,and was surprised at how dated the information was, the exception being the Keep'n Track page (c5 Vette). Although I am not an engineer, but I somewhat understand what they are trying to accomplish. I am really curious as to how much it costs, as I never did find that on their site. I am also curious since technology has improved since this was introduced, if the 22% increase would be less on a newer vehicle versus an older vehicle. Their claim of a 3 point octane increase would save money, buy plus instead of premium fuel. I would try it if the cost is not outrageous. I think a 10-15% increase might be realistic. Just my .02
  21. j4nash, Do you have the Magnaflow part# you used? I checked their website and looks as if it may be 12568/12569. I've been looking at doing this, since it looks to be cost effective. Any issues on the adaptation/installation? TIA!
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