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  1. Hi, Dwayne There are a few of us old timers still around
  2. Just a couple of thoughts, do either of you know the cop who pulled you over? Is there a possibility that they are aware of some previous indiscretions any of you may be involved in and may be looking to make an example out of you and others in your group. A 90's 454SS sticks out in a crowd.
  3. Happy birthday, Mark I'll have Yuengling to celebrate
  4. Paint the mirrors white and call it done. Quite a transformation from then to now
  5. Hope you guys stay safe...and the weather forecasters are wrong
  6. Found a 1923 t Touring on Hemmings: http://www.hemmings...._t/1367837.html Another site: http://www.conceptcarz.com/vehicle/default.aspx?carID=12499&i=8&bsID=24020#auctionResults
  7. Bob, Give Stewart a call. I thought he had a Model T in the collection
  8. Did this about a year ago. Great upgrade for about $300.00. Matt has the part #s correct. I used Akebono pads as they supply the OE pads for GMT 800-900 series. Best bang for the buck IMO and you'll be able to get replacement parts anywhere. Different caliper and bracket, make sure you get the later model caliper w/bracket, referred to as a friction ready caliper.
  9. BUMP! Today is the day to repick your drivers by 6:00 P.M.
  10. Look who's still leading Time to repick your 5 drivers for the next segment. You have until May 27th 6:00 P.M. RK ENTRY, OWNER 1 Stitches040 entry 1, Stitches040 2 4432Tyler entry 1, 4432Tyler 3 billsws6 entry 1, billsws6 4 Bob4783 entry 1, Bob4783 5 hot rod truck, Crashcupcondom 6 Rudykazoo entry 1, Rudykazoo Page: 1
  11. I'm guessing you and me are pretty close because of the Zippy events. Craig W. Cheezy Fries, MWalls, Chad04SS, Supersub, Idrivegtp, and many more I can't remember their names And you're still kicking my ass on the Stockcar Challenge
  12. Hey, I remember the Silverado SS Nats road trip part. Alyce still talks about it too. Good times and some Yuengling too
  13. I just noticed the join date info is in the member profile main page. Mine is April 24,2004, so at least it wasn't lost
  14. I like the new look and glad we're back online
  15. You might want to read this: http://www.justanswer.com/chevy/2pk6q-code-says-p1518-2003-chevy.html
  16. You've been leading since day 1 Meanwhile, I'm a backmarker
  17. Holy Sh*t!...Talk about a blast from the past. How things going ?
  18. Darren Mooneyham? He posted on here after Jeff passed that he was going to buy the truck and see it through to completion of Jeff's vision. Sounds as though he did it. AND... and VIDEO!!! Get Darren to swing by here as well. A lot of us old dogs here would appreciate hearing from him and what has been done to the truck.
  19. Found the video. At 1:05 is the dyno run http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s3eCg7eg0hc&feature=related
  20. Sounds like you may have found Jeff Bullock's (Gear M Up) truck. Jeff passed away in January 2005 from a heart attack at only 35 years old I thought the truck had been sold to a close friend after his death. A friend named Darrell possibly. Jeff was one of the pioneers in improving the performance of these trucks. He was very helpful and friendly to all members here, plus a great sense of humor. I believe it had a 427 C5R engine in it when he passed away. I searched for the dyno vid but can't seem to find it. I hope some of the older members will chime in with better details. It would be great if you can talk to the owner and find out if is Jeff's truck and give us an update.
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