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  1. Wow...me either. I regret selling the truck in the first place...even more so now.
  2. This might work for ya. Check it
  3. There are a bunch for sale on E-Bay. This is just one vendor who had them up for sale. E-Bay Link.
  4. How is the in-cab drone? I have looking at the Banks products for my SD.
  5. Even though I sold my SS last year, I still frequently visit this site. I am still an SS enthusiast and really enjoy keeping up with what folks are doing with their SS's. I would like to see a NNBS forum added; though, I feel it would be just as dead as VHO'ville. Another reason I like this forum is that most folks are friendly and willing to bend over backwards to help you out...something I do not get on GMtrucks, PerformanceTrucks, LS1tech, or DenaliTrucks. Most of those forums are deader than dead and most of the folks that respond are rude. Just my $.02.
  6. Awesome! I laughed. Dave Drove a Ford!
  7. Lefty

    Props To Gm

    Had no doubt this would be your reply. They are my dealer of preference.
  8. Dude, that is complete BS. I've used Compustar products in every one of my 8 fully loaded GM vehicles over the last 10 years and I have never needed to carry both remotes for them to work properly. The shop you used is either lazy, ripping you off, using crappy product, or just completely oblivious to the products they are installing. You're spot on about the interface. A PASSLOCK interface module is necessary to properly tie-in to the GM Data Bus & Security systems. The Avital website even references this and states that a "XpressKit Interface Module" is needed for your application.
  9. Thanks Matt, you pretty much nailed it as to what I am looking to accomplish and the way I am looking to do it.. I came up with a lot of the same info and was really looking for some more trusted, knowledgeable input. I appreciate the reply. Thanks!
  10. How long did it take? The going rate around here is $150 an hour for an established artist, $100-$125 for a new artist. I know my tatts are worth more to me than their cost though. Just as long as you feel you got a good deal in the trade is all that matters, right? Looks good BTW.
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