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  1. We miss you Mr. P

  2. DIDN'T THINK OF THAT LOL! Another good reason to mod your truck! ;) Mr. P.
  3. I saw that a while ago, I was upset by it as well. It's amusing how GM (Delphi) spends millions of dollars in developing anti-theft and it's rendered useless with a screwdriver and extra PCM. - Mr. P.
  4. Yeah; I wouldn't exactly have called it a 'race' though! (Good thing it didn't have nitrous on it!) Mr. P.
  5. Stock brakes with heavy rims??? Mr. P.
  6. Personally, I would throw a brand new FAL set into the dumpster. The FAL kit pulls less air than the OEM fans - at a truck meet in Waco we had the Torrent, FAL, and OEM side-by-side and the FAL kit pulled a little less air than the OEM, the Torrent kit pulled half-again more air than the OEM fans. The plastic of the FAL shroud IMO is inferior to OEM, that is my impression. But the worst issue though is that Dan (Sprayed99) extinguished an electrical fire on a *close* friend's truck, the relay/control box on the FAL kit had spontaneously caught fire. In all fairness to FAL, HPM had two
  7. The Paxton on my truck was initially so loud at idle you could hear it 3-houses away, at idle... after a few thousand miles, it quieted down (now you can only hear it the next house over lol) Mr. P.
  8. The job of the PCM is to know exactly how much oxygen is in the motor at any given instant - with that knowledge, it knows how much fuel to add in order to get clean combustion. To know how much air is in the motor, these sensors have to be working correctly: IAT, MAP, and (optionally) MAF. (The O2 sensors come into play later, in the fueling correction/trimming strategy.) Some thoughts I would consider, in no particular order - From what you tell me, it sounds like the truck is not being fueled correctly. I would guess it is running lean and cutting out at 4000+ rpm. I woul
  9. ...adding a few drops of Astroglide to the coolant is cheaper and will achieve the same result.
  10. http://www.summitracing.com/parts/csi-911ls1c/overview/make/Chevrolet ($40, they also make them black anodized) Mr. P.
  11. Sorry to hear about the issues. It's not much fun when you spend more time fighting than wrenching. Mr. P.
  12. Thank you for the compliments, they are appreciated. I have been very proud of the fan kits, and how well they are still regarded all these years later. The reality is that a "clever rat" can get a set of junkyard fans working for under $200 in parts, and have an OEM solution. The only hard 'measurable' advantage that the HPM Torrent E-Fan Kit has is that it is *extremely* low-profile; that was its genesis, it had to be thin in order to make room for forced induction plumbing on my truck! The financial reality is that very few truck enthusiasts will pay $600-700 for a set of E-Fans
  13. That's quality right there! The Harley sticker makes it.
  14. I woulda thought one from a SBC having a straight discharge would work? No?
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