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  1. I guess I didn't look around long enough on their website. I didn't see anything yet but I figured someone here probably would.
  2. Just curious if the new TBSS has had any interest in dual exhaust out the rear. Possibly a BSER question for a possible dual exhaust rollpan? What do you guys think?
  3. Well he's no Bobby Cox but he's getting there. GO BRAVES!!!
  4. I love the roll up hide away bed covers. They fit nicely and you can barely tell you have a bed cover by looking at it from the side. I also like having the full access to the bed when I need to. Mine is a roll n lock, not electric but it rolls up and you can lock it in different positions. It's definaltely worth considering.
  5. Come onn there has got to be someone who has converted their silverado over to the SS front facia???
  6. Well I am looking because I got a dent in my work truck right in the middle. It dented in the bumper and shifted it a little. I have the brackets I just need the bumper. I really would like to get one with the fog light openings already there. ImpoSSter SS How much are you asking for the one without the openings?
  7. Does anyone have a 2003-2005 front bumper for sale? Not the SS but the stock chrome one with the pads and openings for the fog lights.
  8. so.......speaking of videos how is this one coming along......I haven't got in there yet either...... These videos arre very cool!!!
  9. Very true it was probably one of those ricer wings !!!!
  10. Um...... where did you go? Are you going to sell anything???
  11. I pm'd you a while back but if you haven't checked it. I will take the Intimidator 3 piece wing for $75 shipped to Atlanta.
  12. Well after reading and hearing this it makes me sick to know that there are people calling themselves Christians and in a Baptist denomination that are acting this way. I have been a Christan for 16 years and God does not hate anyone no matter what the circumstances. God may hate the Devil that you let control your actions. I do believe that Homosexuality is wrong but God does not hate them and neither should we. We are no ones judge. God will take care of what needs to be taken care of, and his name being slandered like this is one good way to fall under the "wrath of God". How many times ha
  13. You know Sr would have said ... " What took you so long; You know Black is always faster !!!! "
  14. Here is the pic of my floormats from Georgia Rug Masters. I love them!!
  15. so is that rear headlights????? wait that doesn't sound right........
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