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  1. I appreciate the input, the clearcoat on this has no peeling or issues whatsoever. There are some tiny rock chips on the hood that you get with 80k miles but the paint has been looked after pretty well and garaging has helped for sure.
  2. Thanks, what do you think about my price? Am I too high? There is not a lot to compare it to out there right now....
  3. I just posted my Red 2003 with 80k miles if you are interested. Alan
  4. Ha, I just came back to list my truck after not being active for years. My first post was April 4, 2004. Must have been the day I got it.
  5. It has been a long time since I've been an active participant on this site, but I have come back as I feel that my truck could be most appreciated here. I am looking to sell my 2003 Red SS with currently 80,055 miles on it, I bought it as a leftover in April of 2004. It is clean with no body rust, garaged pretty much it's whole life except for a most of a year when I was building. Mostly stock, besides painting the grills black, tinted windows and a bedrug. I've probably averaged 1500 miles a year in the past 5 years and it is time to update it to something that I can use to tow, I've only used this once to launch a buddies freshwater boat. It has a couple of flaws that I think are pretty minor, I just have never gotten to fixing them, a small scrape on the edge of the front bumper, a couple of very small dings/scuffs nothing major. The oil pressure gauge hasn't worked in years and the tranny temp gauge followed suit awhile back, I'm assuming it is just the senders. It has lead a relatively pampered life so I didn't really worry about them. I believe the Carfax shows an issue when it was brand new, someone smashed the driver's side window when it was on the dealer's lot. I would say wear and tear is pretty normal on the interior for it's age. If someone is interested in it and wants a video I am willing to do that or a FaceTime as well. I am in southern Maine. Alan
  6. I am thinking about moving on from my 2003 Silverado SS, it is the wrong color for you though, Red. 80,000 miles, I'm the original owner. It sits in the garage all the time as the family prefers to travel in our SUV, I'm looking at getting a crew cab 3/4 ton for towing. Let me know if you have any interest and I can post some pictures. Located in southern Maine.
  7. Mine just started doing the same, not sure it's the element though. Both seats do it, one will stay on until I turn on the other or if I hit my high beams the heated seat will turn off. I find it hard to believe both seats would go bad at the same time so i figured it was my six year old battery. Nope, a new Diehard Gold didn't fix it so I am open for ideas. Alan
  8. I've got one and after a year and a half or so I guess I'm not ever putting it on. I've got all the hardware that came with it and haven't done a thing to it. PM me if you're interested.
  9. I vote for the El Camino, the transvestite of automobiles.
  10. I work for Trane, a world wide HVAC company and live in Maine, we are in the process of doing our first geothermal heat pump job. Two wells, four water source heat pumps. Ground water is around 55 degrees and we make heat in the winter and cooling in the summer with it. It looks like a cool operation, the install is going on now, we'll be done in a couple months, but the mechanical contractor is looking at doing another one. I think you'll be seeing more of these pop up
  11. Only two with my first and last name, damn it, I can't pin anything on some other guy with the same name except my father.
  12. Crazy Al


    I got in on gmail in the middle of '04, love it, got a decent address too. [email protected]
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