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  1. I believe only the gray were offered in 03.
  2. The paint and body on mine still looks brand new. But it's also garaged kept and never driven in the winter or rainy summer days.
  3. Wish it was at 20k miles. I said it was still in the 20's. It's currently at 29k miles. Between myself and the dog, that new car smell is long gone but the interior (and exterior) are still spotless. I still have the passenger side airbag sticker hanging out of the glove box. Why? Not sure, but I do.
  4. It's been a while since I've been on this site, looks like its been updated to a new software. Also looks like my old profile picture is gone. Anyways, the new High Country is pretty nice. I looked at one of those and a LTZ a few weeks ago. I still have the old SS with low miles, still in the 20's. The thing is totally stock and probably not worth much, so I'll just keep it. I most likely will trade my daily driver in the Spring time or maybe not. Who knows.
  5. I have the opposite problem with miles on mine and being worried about things breaking. I've now got 27k on mine and I always wonder if I'm doing a lot of damage to it not driving it more like others. Because I don't drive it that much, I'm scared to take it on longer trips in fear something will break on it from not being driven much.
  6. I'm still around, I just don't visit the site often like I did 10 + years ago. Anymore, it's just people asking a question that's been asked 400 times already that a simple search can find or something that's totally stupid.
  7. This is the first I've heard of a new generation Silverado SS coming out. I searched online and just saw the usual rumor garbage I've seen for years and the only pictures I could find were spy photo's from 2012, and those looked like a regular HD. Have any links to share? I would be interested in a new one myself, but I'm keeping my 03.
  8. Just curious of what ever happened. Was the truck found or what?
  9. Nice to see you back around (I have a lot of room to talk). These are nice, I've gone a few times and looked at these and the new Silverado's and have test driven them. Question, do you regret giving up the SS? And congrats on the new truck and one heck of a steal/deal.
  10. I'm really torn. I can see me keeping the truck until the day I die, but really like the new camaro ss a lot. I only drive my truck when the weather is nice while the rest of its life is spent in the garage all covered up until that next nice sunny day. Even though I don't really use it as a truck, it does come in handy having it to haul things like bags of multch or whatnot for summer time yard projects. I've just been wondering lately if its something that will be a collectors item down the road or just another old used truck with no value. In 2016 I can put classic plates on it, whi
  11. Would you consider trading in the truck for a new 2016 Camaro? I'm really digging the new Camaro SS and all its features.
  12. I got my first compliment sometime this summer in a long time, at least a few years or more. Mine lives in the garage and only comes out in the summer when the weather is perfect and 9 times out of 10 it's shinny and clean. He said he soled Rams but was retired now and told me to keep the thing until the day I die, said I had something very special. Felt good hearing it as I was thinking of selling.
  13. I've been going back and forth all year on selling or keeping mine. Mine is totally 100% factory origian and I'm the original owner with very low miles. But mine is black.
  14. When I was looking for a new DD last year I looked at a new crew cab Silverado. The sticker was 52K and had everything in it, heated and cooled leater, moonroof, you name it, it had it. The test drive was amazing, best comfort around in my opinion. The sales guy would not budge on the sticker other then some BS like 2k for rebates and was offering me 9k trade in on my paid off car. The payments were over $700/month for 80 months. I ended up trading in my DD for the same exact make and model I had but brand new and got almost 5k more on trade in and my payments are $400/month.
  15. I just wanted to see if there were and if so, if you guys would have some info to pass along. Basically I have hot water heat and I'm looking to get central air installed in my 2 story brick house. I've gotten two price quotes, one for regular old central air and another for high velocity. And I've also gotten quotes for ductless but I'm not interested in them at all. Both central air options, they need to use my second floor closets to go to my first floor ceilings. The HV system uses small 2" tubes while the other is 6". Both systems will have the air handler in my attic.
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