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  1. Here's a vid I posted earlier this year of another brutally fast Syclone run by Doc Hooover (still uses stock transfer case, front end, and rear end) - I just love watching that truck drift between gear changes! 9.004 @ 151, 1.39 60' (3-5-06) Mr. P. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> BTW, peeps in the SE beware of this truck.. Doc Hoover sold it recently to a guy that had some 'debts to settle' with local street racers down in SC area.. This truck is no longer owned by the Hoovers..
  2. Yes KCIR sucks balls.. And its always hotter than the hubs of hell there with matching humidity. I've been there a couple of times and the mosquitos are the size of commuter airplanes.. Dunno about improved track surface, I think its still the same old shitty track.. The good news is: 1st run tonight was 9.06 @ Unknown MPH.. I am not there so I am getting details but apparently the truck passed Tech (or the track is NOT enforcing it). More updates as I get them.. I know there will be video, I just dont know WHO and WHEN it will be posted..
  3. Here is a little back ground on this truck.. It started life off as the standard GMC Syclone and was exported when it was new by GM. Over the years, Robert has been a leader in innovation and low ET timeslips, the truck features a fully built motor and a 90+mm turbo, stock BW4472 transfer case and stock front axle. Theres been alot of sh!t talking lately by the 'haters' in the crowd, always pointing the finger saying its NOT an NHRA track, the truck isnt NHRA Legal, blah blah blah... So Robert stepped up and said, "Put up or shut up.. I am shipping my truck to the US for the Annual SyTy Nationals.. "(keep in mind this is an expense IN EXCESS of $6000 US DOLLARS) to Robert. Some more sh!t talking ensued as well as some underhanded deeds tried in the 11th hour to delay Robert running his truck, all have been met and surpassed. This coming weekend, Robert is going to make an attempt to back up his World Record here in the USA on an NHRA TRACK so all the crybabies can stick it in their crack pipe and smoke it.. For the record, the truck has already run 2x runs of 9.11 back to back on Tuesday of this week at Bowling Green on a very slippery track.. (AWD SKATING through the 60' mark).. Anyhow, here's the video of the Dyno Runs: (this were earlier this week) http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-6183073793650665402 Its difficult to understand what Robert is saying since alot of its in Swedish, but I can tell you, it was dyno'd here in the US on Wednesday night.. Keep in mind, this was a 2wd Dyno, but the truck runs AWD.. Can you imagine putting 750-ish to all 4 wheels ?? Its a handful on the launch, even with the front wheels on the ground they are spinning and steering input is futile.. And remember, this is from a V6 motor.. NOT an LS1 or SBC !!! Here's Robert's webpage if you are interested: http://syclone.org/ There will be video posted later of the drag runs over at: www.syty.net If you are bored and live near Kansas City you can watch it in person this weekend at KCIR, details here: http://www.sytynationals.com I wont be able to make it this weekend, but I wish Robert the best of luck, I hope he hits his goal of another 8 second timeslip to shut up all the haters and crybabies.
  4. Call them, I did when I bought the drop for my '02 Silverado. They do NOT sell direct anymore but have a phone number for a place they recommend. (I think it was Pacific Customs, or California customs or something like that.. I cant remember the name or the number). Good luck
  5. The reason is simple, because the output shaft for the 80e was made for a SyTy application, originally it was never intended for a Silverado SS application. There is/was no interchange parts for the BW4472 T-case thats in our application hence the need/desire for a different output shaft. Chances are anyhow if you go with a 4L80e that most people will buy an Ebay/Junkyard special and probably go through it anyhow to ensure contents of the transmission, only makes sense to throw in output shaft at that time anyhow. The real 'magic' isnt in the output shaft, its in the adapter for the Transmission to Tcase, and getting it all to line up and be clocked correctly.. If you want to do different input drum then go ahead, I dont see the difference myself between tearing into a perfectly good t-case or used transmission to swap parts... As everyone is well aware of, theres always a different way to skin a cat as they say. I'd be willing to bet that the JSM option would have been ultimately ALOT cheaper than anything W2W has to offer and just as strong. If you feel comfortable drilling your frame for new holes then thats an option, some people have also elected to modify the stock crossmember as well (sort of a cut and paste affair), if that works for you, thats cool as well.. The intent was to offer a 'kit' of sorts, that would have included the Output shaft, Crossmember and adapter allowing a truly simple 'bolt-in' kit to the serious D-I-Y'er. Hope this clears up any questions at this point
  6. Its this simple, until someone wants to step up and work with JEFF on the small stuff (crossmember, dipstick tube etc) its a dead project. The conversion adapter for the transmission to T-case is done and complete. The 4L80e output shaft is also complete. Currently the focus is on our own projects, neither Jeff nor I have access to, or own a Silverado SS, I personally dont anticipate buying one anytime soon. Its hard to complete a kit without a truck, or anyone that wants to step up to provide access to a truck for final mock of the needed parts. Perhaps if someone wants to contact Jeff he will sell you the adapter and you can do the rest yourself ?? Otherwise this project has been officially shelved.
  7. The adapter is done to go from the transmission to T-case. The issue now is the the crossmember.. However simple it may seem, nobody in the area has a Silverado SS to alllow mock up of this part. The electronics are fairly simple, I think that any decent tuning place should/would be able to provide a 6.0L + 4L80e tune. I know a little about this as I am planning an LS6 + 4L80e for my Typhoon... I guess at this point Jeff showed interest in selling the adapter plates for the trans to Tcase but cant realistically offer a "KIT" per say with out a donor truck for mockup on the crossmember. Any chance that the GM crossmember would fit ? I know the 6.0L + 4L80e was a GM Combo, I'd assume that it would work but not 100% because of the issue with the different Tcase.
  8. OK, here's the links for the videos.. JJ is running a c6 and managed to hit no cones.. run1 and run2 is me beating on the viper and I hit cones both times The 2nd of my videos I was doing fine until I decided to get greedy and slam shift the viper at WOT on the 1-2 shift in the fastest part of the track.. Which resulted in immediate tire smoke and instant sideways action.. (Oh yeah, a couple of disgruntled cones too ) http://www.northeastsyty.com/videos/autox/
  9. Getting to meet all the editors of the magazine was definitely impressive as well, sure there were some hiccups along the way and alot of the supercars went through tires pretty quickly which ruined the ride for some people (they were substituted to another car instead of the one they signed up for). Personally for $10 for a ride in the supercar, I dont see how you can complain about what you got a ride in ? I wanted soo bad to get to ride with Solberg, he was there and in less than 1 hr he completely shredded 2 sets of tires on 2 different STi's... He's simply an amazing driver.. I was actually moved into a C6 and JJ moved into an S4 for our supercar hotlap around IRP's oval track.. Yeah not the ride I wanted, but fun nonetheless and for $10 how can ya complain ?
  10. Well, I only got to drive the viper through most of first gear (Auto X courses are generally a 1-2 gear affair).. The car itself was very nice and comfortable for a guy thats 6'6" tall... Problem is/was because the car was a ragtop I was all scrunched over to see under the top of the windshield and the TILT steering wheel blocked the top part of the gauges (read, not enough adjustment for us tall guys).. I think the C6 would have been better overall for a tall guy, the viper is very unfriendly to us taller peeps That aside, driving the car, Tony Swan (The C&D Editor I was racing) said to use 2nd gear for the entire course, but he was setting the time to beat in a C6 that had traction control and stability control equipped and enabled (they asked that participants leave them ON in the vettes). The vipers dont have either and as a result are alot more of a handful to drive IMO... Also alot funner to because you can get crazy with the car.. Sure I was trying to beat his time, but I think the C6 has a definite advantage through the cones.. The first time through the track all I used was first gear because the viper was such a torque monster.. Its crazy and a blast to drive and I still managed to plow over some cones in 1st gear.. The 2nd time through I went alot faster and I told myself I was gonna use 2nd gear atleast once. SO I wound it about 3/4 way out and slam shifted 2nd gear and the car jumped immediately sideways in a haze of tire smoke and ate a couple more cones (its all on the video). For finesse driving, I'd say hands down the C6 is king.. For all out mean ass sports car ride the viper is definitely the winner here.. No Traction control, no stability control.. A true drivers car, oh yeah.. and 505hp isnt all that bad either.. Driver height requirements aside I really liked the viper alot, the interior was very nice and BOTH CARS were abused all day for 2 days and came back swinging each day.. VERY IMPRESSIVE..
  11. Car and Driver Magazine is having their 50th Anniversary celebration out here at IRP this weekend, and I was invited to attend !! ( visit www.caranddriver.com/50 ) Fellow Typhoon owner JJ decided to attend.. Here's JJ next to a 30" wheel at the Goodyear display: This event is unlike any I have ever heard of or attended in the past.. It is simply awesome.. I am going out today for another fun fulled day in the grueling heat.. They have the following events going on : Supercar hotlaps : Want to take a ride in a $400,000 2005 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ? Or howabout a hotlap in a WRC prepped WRX with Petter Solberg at the wheel ? Howabout a ride in an $440,000 V-10 Powered Porsche Carerra GT ?? ) Each of the above items was/is only $10 for each ride with 2 laps.. Race the Editors : Pick your favorite editor or car and run the clock to beat the editor. A wide range of cars is available for this event (we picked the C6 and Viper) Bracket Racing : JJ is running his sonoma in this category hopefully will win some prizes here They have provided a HUGE collection of cars that you can auto cross (anything from a viper/c6 to a miata with everything in between Jags, Mercedes Benz, BMW's) and the cost is only $15 for 2 laps.. JJ and I originally both signed up for Auto X the new C6 corvette, but when we got to the track we were told GM only provided 2 C6's instead of the 4 they asked for.. Car and Driver substituted 2 Brand Spanking new Vipers as a replacement (JJ got his ride in the C6 and I got to drive the Viper) The event we participated in was RACE THE EDITOR (we raced Car and Driver's Tony Swan).. Against time slips.. I'm sure that he beat both of us on times but I was out there to flog a new hotrod and I did.. Having never even SAT in a viper prior to this event I was clearly overmatched but I had a good time nonetheless. That car acquired speed soo fast it was crazy (and thats just 1st gear).. I managed to kill quite a few cones in the very first run, and when I slam shifted into 2nd gear on the 2nd run I managed to get the car quite a bit sideways on the 2nd run and kill a couple more cones.. It was a blast.. by far, the best 15$ I have ever spent.. I have some video of it, but I havent converted and hopefully will sometime tomorrow.. Today I am going back out for day #2 of the event and going for my ride with Petter Solberg in the WRC prepped Subaru WRX STi. This oughta prove to be very fun.. I cant wait !! You also get to meet every single editor of the magazine (from Brock Yates on down), and see cars that you may never ever see again grouped together on one area.. More pics are up at : http://www.turbols6.com/gallery/view_album...nddriver&page=1
  12. As previously mentioned, its going to require a custom tune if you intend to run the stock PCM. Theres a thread over on www.efilive.com about using a 6.0L tune for a HD's... U can import your 'tune' file to the pcm after its been reflashed with a 6.0L/4L80e setup. (chances are, you already have some sort of tuning software if you are considering this swap anyhow.) As far as wiring is concerned, www.speartech.com has a 60e --> 80e adapter available that takes all the headache out of that part of the swap.. I will reiterate that there is alot to this swap, and its not going to be for the average guy doing the average build.. Its going to be for the all out race setup and the guy thats tired of dropping the transmission when he's making serious power and trying to put it down.
  13. I offered my t-case in about 16 days or so, but got no response. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes you did, and the reason I havent responded is because Jeff is still on the fence about whether or not he wants to purchase one himself (for later installation into is truck to replace the SyTy case) or to just go ahead with the 'borrowed' one. I havent forgotten about your offer and whatever jeff decides to do will dictate whether or not I PM you. Thanks again for your gracious offer !
  14. I updated the original link for the AWD Donut since it looks like it was taken down.. Its in the top post.. Nobody has a spare case sitting on the bench they wanna part with for a couple of weeks ?
  15. Greetings, I am looking for some help from someone here. Turbotime and JSManufacturing have the capacity to design and engineer a conversion kit to replace your transmission with a GM 4L80e. While I currently do NOT own a Silvy SS, however as a Typhoon owner, I am quite familar with the abuse a heavy AWD vehicle can dish out to the transmission (its a weak link on our trucks as well). Turbotime and JSmanufacturing pioneered this swap on Syclones and Typhoons and now would like to offer the swap to the silverado SS guys. Since I realize you dont know me from the next guy, I'd like to offer the following threads for your review : http://www.syty.net/forums/showthread.php?t=28616 and http://www.syty.net/forums/showthread.php?t=28121 and http://www.syty.net/forums/showthread.php?t=28313 There are currently 2-3 trucks SyTy'ers running the 4L80e with atleast 4 more in the works. (more than likely, even more coming as their 700r4's give up the ghost). So with the above said and shown, I hope you realize that we ARE SERIOUS about offering a kit to you guys. With that said... I need a favor, currently we need ONE transfer case (damaged/running whatever) as a LOAN to mock up the parts. (STOCK SILVERADO SS Tcase ONLY please). You will receive the case back after final mock up is completed. For one lucky helpful person, for your efforts, you will receive the parts AT COST as they become available if you chose to excercise that option. Without the NVG 149 case we cannot offer the needed parts.. Here are the parts that we intend to offer (this may change as needed): 1. Billet Output shaft that fits your STOCK T-case and 4L80e 2. Crossmember to support 4L80e and NVG 149 3. Adapter to bolt the 4L80e to the NVG 149 T-case. Optional Items that maybe also supplied upon request at additional charge and could possibly be had cheaper locally if you have connections..: 1. Professionally built Fully prepped 4L80e transmission 2. Lengthened/Shortened Driveshafts 3. Electrical Harnesses that make this conversion truly PLUG AND PLAY (available through speartech) 4. Custom Race Prepped Stall Converter built to your specs and RPM requirements. There is some additional things to consider, your STOCK PCM will control this transmission, however, you will need the equivalent of an EFILIVE or HPTUNERS (not needed for syty apps) or some start of a stand alone transmission controller.. I plan on using the 4L80e on my Turbocharged LS6 typhoon and plan on using a custom operating system from EFILIVE to run the transmission.. There are a couple of options here.. Obviously this isnt going to be the cheapest mod for these trucks, some owners will never need it.. However, JSM and Turbotime are going to assume the R&D costs associated with the hard parts, we just dont have a transfer case to use for MOCK purposes. If you want to contribute or can help or have a scrap/spare case laying around you dont need for a while please let me know.. [email protected] or PM me.. I am in Indianapolis, and the fab shop is in Louisville.. It would be helpful to have some one close to either of these locations. Thanks for your time and if you'd like to see some AWD donuts check this link out: http://www.northeastsyty.com/videos/05SyTy...awd_burnout.wmv The truck in the video has a GMHTP photographer riding shotgun at our national event a couple of weeks ago.. Todd
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