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  1. Dream truck. Find a buyer for mine, I'd grab that.
  2. Whatever cam u pick the loss from the long tubes will go away after the cam and stall. I like smaller stalls and cams more meat in the usable rpm range on the street. If your going to the track at all go big
  3. Looking to move my battery to the area where that spare tire is supposed to be. anyone have any kits ideas or pics that they did??? Must be nhra legal?
  4. I am looking to start a new build project. I am going to be using a short block from???? haven't decided yet. want a mock up block and need to use a few parts during build up. Buying a 1000 lq4 or 9 vs a 200$ 4.8 or 5.3 can i interchange a 4.8 or 5.3 engine for the following parts. engine covers timing, rear, oil pan, valve, rocker stands rockers, oil pick up???? Going boost not sure which. self made twin turbo with cast manifolds really standing out to me.
  5. I have a very similar set up. about the exact same cam with plain 243's with 5 angle valve job and lsxrt. It's perfect and tame. I had to add smaller tires, lighter wheels and a full exhaust with long tubes to really wake it all up. If I were you in your shoes with 3.73's and big escalade wheels I would want a lower lsa like 114 + 4 or 2
  6. yes and pedal needed. I also got a new circle clip on pedal.
  7. I would start cam, lifters, trays, pushrods new timing set and hope it lasts. How do the cam bearings look???
  8. My drivers side has slowly been drooping over the last few years. I am about 1 1/2 lower on drivers side . How do I get this fixed?? Front end all rebuilt and new ball joints still sagging. Is it leaf spings??? known issues and fixes for this??
  9. I can't find the old threat. I am looking for a forward facing rear sway bar. I am trying to save my exhaust tips and piping are in the way for a rearward facing bar. What company makes a bolt on kit for our trucks??
  10. tow like stock with this http://www.converter.cc/product_p/trt-ls1-fslash-ls2-fslash-ls3%203000.htm
  11. I run a small cam. It takes a stall and long tubes to wake up even a small cam. I did that and went with smaller diameter tires. Drastically changed the driving of my truck.
  12. Check out this link. Looks like a great option. My a/c belt squeals when wet. I am gonna try this next http://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/4016070/GM_LSx_truck_A/C_belt_installi#Post4016070
  13. Trying to keep stock rails and regulator. 320 looking like the largest before stepping up to aftermarket regulator and rails. Then i am in it for another grand between rails fittings regulator
  14. My fuel pump is on it's way out. More power should be needed this summer. Thinking front mount turbo or small maggie planning AEM 320 fuel pump http://aemelectronics.com/products/fuel-delivery/high-flow-fuel-pumps/320lph-e85-compatible-high-flow-in-tank-fuel-pump-offset-inlet New stock regulator, rails and fuel filter. Anyone here have a 320 pump in a stock return system??? Would it overpower the stock regulator??
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