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  1. I'm selling my stock camshaft for my 2003 silverado ss. Also I am selling my stock engine covers all three parts, plain old black. I looking for $99 for the camshaft and $49 for the engine covers. I figured someone on here would like to customize their engine covers, or have an extra set. Ill get pictures up, you all know what they look like but ill get some up soon to show they are in perfect condition.
  2. Okay so I am thinking about taking off my headers because they keep burning my plugs, I have tried just about everything I can think of, I wrapped them, sprayed them with the heat spray they have at Auto Zone, and I thermo taped the spark plug wires and covered them with heat sleeves. What should I do? Any advice is appreciated...
  3. It does it at wide open throttle. then when im at a stop light then it shakes and studders when i start to accelerate how do i fix the maf sensor?
  4. I have an identical problem to yours and I can't mfigure out what it either. Don't take it to meineke though, Took it there gave me new plugs wires and coil packs $1400.00 later still doesn't work. Does your keep misfireing in early acceleration kind of sounding like its trying to switch gears?
  5. I didn't know it came with a hand held calibration and EFI with the intake manifold?!!! PRO FLO XT EFI and HAND HELD CALIBRATOR THE WHOLE PACKAGE So If I order this it fits the SS no problem, and I could find out whats hurting my power with the EFI and calibrator???
  6. Where and what do they do for a "log" don't know what that is, assuming its a scan from portable device that reads my computer? Also I think i will have them look at the fuel filter/regulator as well.
  7. Yeah I don't have FI either but have a FI cam, because I'm dumb... but I want to know if this is worth purchasing as well for a N/A truck.
  8. Well I planned on supercharging it until I realized i really couldn't afford it anytime soon, so I gave up on that dream for now. You think it affects me not putting a blower on with the cam? Back to the original topic I had my truck tuned that their profession GM and fords, which was ridicules price wise...$500. Anyways they installed the torque converter and zippy shift kit, then tuned it... I really don't know why I would have the check it out, I figured they would have saw a problem then. That was last summer though. I don't know what to do. I guess when I have some money I
  9. I plan on keeping it NA I don't know what the IDC's are, sorry, But they turned up the PSI on the injectors and cleaned the fuel system. He said I needed to upgrade my injectors to match my other mods. What they did to the truck helped make it run better, but it still isn't the performance that I've felt before. So the 42's if I need to get some new injectors...where is the best buy for these?
  10. So I noticed my truck was running really sluggish and was barely starting up sometimes just no umph behind it i had to press down pretty far on the pedal to get any response, It felt stock, I took it in to the dealership and told them all of my mods which are Lingenfelter GT2-3 corevette camshaft, longtube dynatech wrapped headers, LS6 Valve springs, air raid CAI, big block flowmaster muffler exhaust, homemade ram air, TBS, performance thermostat, Truck Thruster 3000 torque converter, Zippy shift kit, taylor spark plug wires, PCMForless. Cam Number Duration @ .050 Valve Lif
  11. Hey i had the same setup with cutouts and dynatech LT headers and i thought it sounded horrible with headers. i took them off. I still have mine if you wanna buy them for 50$
  12. So i took it to meineke muffler and exhaust to get the leaks fixed and he said there was a huge crack in my cat and was rusting and he couldn't weld it because it was too thin and it was just getting bigger with welds, so now i have to order a new dynatech cat and pay for it because they dont cover welding problems. at least the guy at meineke said he would do my exhaust for free when i got the part... so i guess there lies the problem with my shitty throttle response...
  13. well i looked under the truck yesterday and i just had my cutouts removed and where they welded the replacements they didnt finih welding and left three exhaust leaks so maybe thats a part of it. yeah the area around my passenger cat is rattling, but no ses light.
  14. ok guys this is really starting to pis me off. My truck is running so bad right now. It doesnt have any push behind it until i push pretty far on the pedal. when i step on the gas it makes a lot of exhaust and no thrust, I dont know if this is odd but it doesnt roll forward when i am in drive and at a stop without my foot on the break. it use to, and sometimes the idle feels weird, but nt like a sparkplug wire is out r anything. I feel a lot of vibration when i drive too. when WOT sometimes it wont even down shift it just goes in the same gear just harder and i doesn't feel fun at all to dri
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