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  1. Where at in Orlando? I may have seen you around - another SS always catches my eye.
  2. Yep. We've got one of those here. If you ever come this way for a visit, shoot me a PM and we can get together and talk trucks if you want.
  3. wow!!!! Here's another good one: Corsa Exhaust Sounds.
  4. You're right, the rims GM puts on them aren't much to look at. I'd love to get new wheels for my SS, and put my stock ones on the Tahoe - I think they would look great on there.
  5. Thanks for all the nice compliments everybody!
  6. Sorry mods for the double post, this one can be deleted.
  7. Now that is really cool! I'd be interested in seeing more pics as the project progresses.
  8. Just thought I'd share this... we got my wife a Silver Birch 2007 Tahoe LT this morning. This truck rides, handles, accelerates and stops great! She really loves it, and I'm glad to see her previous vehicle gone (a Hyundai Santa Fe), and also glad to see her back in a Chevy again!
  9. Just thought I would share... we got my wife an '07 Tahoe this morning. Silver Birch, LT... very nice truck! This thing rides, handles, and accelerates great! She really loves it... and I'm glad to see her previous vehicle gone (a stupid Hyundai Santa Fe), and also glad to see her back in a Chevy again.
  10. First time I've heard of a M96... looks like a FAL clone though?
  11. "hey Lion-O... schnarf schnarf..." I had a bunch of Matchbox/Hot Wheels also... but my all-time favorite was Legos - anybody else have them?
  12. My DVR has been recording Trucks episodes every week for a long time now... I haven't watched the episodes with the new guys yet, but I knew they were coming this week. Sounds like maybe Stacy left there on not-so-good terms? I'm going to keep an eye on his website, when his new show airs I'll be switching to that.
  13. XGMTech


    and as long as we're on the gin subject, it was always Bombay Sapphire for me.
  14. Same exact thing here. Don't you just hate being such a goddamned perfectionist?! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I don't hate being one... I just hate the fact that EVERYONE ELSE isn't one!
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