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  1. 03 SSS is my DD 03 Z06 Corvette 1993 454 SS with a vortech.
  2. Sorry for the crappy picture, just unloading the car after the trek home.
  3. I bought myself a 2003 Corvette Z06 last weekend and then my new Snap-on toolbox came into work on Thursday before heading home for Christmas. The toolbox is cool as it has a wrap on it that has Travis Pastrana doing a backflip. Pretty sure this will be the best Christmas I'll ever have!
  4. red454

    Coolant Leak

    I just replaced the water pump gaskets on mine as I had a little coolant leak. The gaskets in these trucks are metal with a rubber ring on the inside. Any little oxidation and the gasket pulls itself apart and causes the leak.
  5. I received two muscle car paintings done by the artist David Snyder, a chevy bow-tie bar stool, clothes and a little cash.
  6. The 1990 454 did have the TH-400 but was equipped with the 3.73 diff. 1991-1993 had the 4L80E with the 4.10 diff. The red interior was the only choice of colour in 1990 ( not sure on 1991 but think red also ) where the 1992-1993 had the colour choice which included grey and blue. Its thought the rarest 454ss would be a summit white with a blue interior.
  7. To clear up some misinformation on 454ss. First built in 1990 these trucks were equipped with the 454 big block, three speed tranny, 14 bolt rear end with 3:73 gears, no tach. You could have any paint colour this year as long as it was black. In 1991 the truck was the same ( only available in black ) but the 4L80E was now the transmission of choice with 4:10 rear gears. The dash now included a tach. 1992/1993 other colours became available these were victory red and summit white. Some of the things to look for in a real 454ss include N as 8th digit in VIN, different speedo ( higher MPH ), 14 bolt rear end, front bucket seats with center console.
  8. 454SS were build for model years 1990-1993.
  9. My first car was a 1985 Monte Carlo SS, bought it when I was 17.
  10. I only have a 17'x24" garage attached to the house that stores my 93 454ss, snowmobile, streetbike and sometimes dirtbike. Just way to close for comfort, something is going to get wrecked and the SSS still has to sit outside. Fixing that this summer, bought the lot next door and building a 40'x64' garage with full cement floor so nothing has to sit outside.
  11. When the SSS were built they stored them in a yard down by the lakeshore. You could see them from the boardwalk along Lake Ontario, was worth the walk to see that many SSS's all in one location at the same time.
  12. I personally like the riding position of the BRP sleds. The 800 HO motor should be close in power and fuel mileage of the Yammy four stroker but a lot less weight. The rotax two stoke would be a lot cheaper to repair if problems did appear compared to the four stroke.
  13. I can say from experience no matter how much self control you think you might have you will not "cruise" on this style of bike for very long! They are terribly uncomfortable at any slow speed for more than a few miles. As you get use to it the speeds will increase. If you really want one buy whatever you want, I started out on a GSXR 750 and made out fine with a little commen sense. TAKE A RIDER SAFETY COURSE, IT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE. Wear gear, watch out for other driver's and my personnal one is no alcohol. My parents were against me getting a bike because of close friends who have been killed on bikes ( dad wouldn't talk to me for awhile after I got my bike ). After seeing me try to protect myself (rider safety course)and stay safe by wearing riding gear they warmed up to the bike. Dad now shows my bike off to his buddies if I'm around his place.
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