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  1. I have an exhaust off my 03 SS, it had 20000 or so miles...im willing to part it out if i can get rid of most of it. It was swapped with a corsa, so its from the bolts back in one piece right now. Let me know...thanks.
  2. better off looking on fullsizechevy.com or gmfullsize.com for parts like that. I thankfully have yet to see an SS with fender flares.
  3. Theyre coming out with so many new flavors and combo's of things lately thats it even hard for us to keep up with it. Some of the newer things we've come out with Coke Blak, Vault, Vault Zero, Dr. Pepper Berries and Cream, Dt.Peppper Berries and Cream, Black Cherry Vanilla, Dt. Black Cherry Vanilla, flavored Fresca's, Dasani Sensations (carbonated water), flavored Dasani, Powerade Option, and "Slammers" a milk product (Milky Way, Starburst, Three Muskateers, Vanilla) that doesnt need to be refridgerated. Not to mention all the new energy drinks...Rockstar, Dt. Rockstar, Full Throttle, Sugarfree Full Trottle, Full Throttle Fury, Sugarfree Full Throttle Fury, Tab energy drink, Von Dutch...etc. And we have done away with one of my favorites around here, Vanilla Coke.
  4. Its all in preference. I received a decent price on them so i bit. I like the more aggresive look given by the tread design. I wanted the bfg mud terrains but theyre big $.
  5. Come on there is always room for a sixth. Lowered price.
  6. 2003 GMC Sierra, regular cab, stepside, autotrac, tilt, cruise, ac, power seats, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, 5.3L V8, xm, steering wheels controls, 6-7.5" superlift, 35"xterrains, 17x9.5 moto metal 951's, dual shocks, ladder bars, wheel well hieghts comes in at 46", dixie horn, bed cover, rubber bed mat, escalade handles, painted mirror caps, painted tailgate handle, tinted windows, trailer brake controller, powder coated trailer hitch, gm chrome step bars, silverstars, under 22k miles. I can get any pics on request. I just looked up KBB private value and it came up to $18,800 stock, on nada it came in between $18,300-$21,375 stock. Asking 20,500.00 obo, i owe more than this but im willing to take a small loss. Time for a house. I also have the stock wheels mounted on a stock size set of 265/75/16's that will go with it.
  7. i have a stock exhaust from the bolts after the cats to the tip. Let me know if this helps.
  8. I know the visors will, i dont think the bug shield will, it came off a 2003 GMC.
  9. I have a set of carbon fiber vent visors and bug shield for a nbs sierra. Were removed because i didnt like the look on white, i thought they looked great on black that i had before. The visors just need new tape and the bug shield might need the screws unless i can find them. $125+shipping, almost brand new...
  10. 6 lug, 16x7, never seen winter. Currently with a set of tires with 25% tread left. The wheels have about 10k on them. 450+shipping for tires included.
  11. When i first bought my SS i paid 22k because i had a big trade, payment was around 380. The trade was an HD for a year and a half paying 750 a mo. for 3 years 0%. I refinanced and got a check for 12k on my SS and then it was 555.54 for 6 years, for this one its 467.43 for 5 years.
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