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  1. My 19 yr old son drives mine in 2003 puchased Silverado as i drive the 2009 Camaro to a carshow overhere. We had a carspotter with us who took the pic:
  2. I live in The Netherlands 100 mile from Germany.
  3. Yeah i tested it and with the 22' i ran a 13.55 before i only made 13.6 with the big wheels. And times didnot go down/up after some runs. I put the stock 20" on for next race and bought myself a new toy, orange ls3/m6.
  4. Up, so i can see howmany times its looked on Dragraces starting here over 3 months so have to kill time
  5. Gm has a new coupler shaft that will fix the problem permantly. I got it in and no clunk till now. Sry dont have the partnumber.
  6. @Zippy: Do you think i have to relocate the iat-sensor? And after relocation must i change the tune? @packjh: There is space enough there for a bigger cooler , i think with the e-fan this is enough but i gonna measure temperatuur to be sure.
  7. I have the vortech watercooled supercharger. The place of the watercooler was in my eyes not ideal. And at the dragstrip in the waitingline there is not much cool air from driving. So i relocated the cooler behind the bumper and put an E-fan on it from a Smart. Her are the pics: The fan and cooler Made some brackets and a small piece of alu to make fit. The space behind the bumper cooler and fan in place A pic from above with grille removed, the hoses run much cleaner now,
  8. 132.5 mph on gps. There is more but the tune switches a gear back when u floor it. So now i got ZR-tires on it and trying to confince my trans guy i have to now the topspeed of the truck. My only concearne is the wobling hood Oh yeah i live 2 hours from the german "autobahn" and the nurnburgererring is possible in the weekend.
  9. Tnx guys for te thumbs up. The track is really a roadrace-circuit (hope i say correct) in the old days Formule 1. So uphill is right. I had the best reaction time of the day 0.005 seconds. And somewhere is a movie were i lost from the SRT-10, but i can't find it
  10. Yeah trans is back in so test-time, 13.5 best new time for me Run against a 1955 Belair, belair run against Mustang, Mustang vs Silv SS Best last, run against SRT-10 (basani headers, roe intake, airfilter) SRT-10 vs Silverado SS Best time of the SRT-10 that day: 13.3. Later i lost from him because of bad reactiontime from me, no film of that
  11. Total views 1200 I am back after changing gearbox for 7 or 8th time.
  12. After breaking my inputshaft of my trans, i toke the trans to a good shop overhere. A lot of new goodies going in my new trans and he ordered a hardened inputshaft from Lingerfelter The LPE-100503 is on the bill (500$) and on there site its the correct one. The shaft fitted in the trans only the torque-convertor would NOT go on. After trying different shafts and torque-convertors we saw the problem, the shaft was to thick. So emailing to Lingerfelter this problem they responded: I'm sorry for the delay in getting you your correct shaft. The other two that we had on the shelf. Were also incorrect. Hopefully this week or early next week. We will have our replacement shafts. SORRY AGAIN FOR THE INCONIVENCE. Note i live in Europe. So i think no problem, they will send me another one, i let it put in and i can drive again. But after waiting and waiting no shaft was coming. So emailing again and the guy who said sorry wasn't working there anymore. So after explaining the problem again i got reply: I just got off of the phone with the transmission shop that build our transmissions for us. He told me that when they use that shaft that have to wire brush, sand blast, and debur it to fit. He also told me they are all like this and there is no other way around it. Unbelievable i think, so guys be warned about this part/shop.
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