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  1. (4) 22x9 Centerline Polished Forged Rapid Wheels for sale. Only about 5k miles on them. Wheels are perfect with ZERO Curb Rash. As new!! These wheels are lightweight and no longer available. 6x5.5" Chevy Truck Bolt Pattern. Will fit Most Silverados, Tahoes, Yukons, Escalades, etc. Located in Eastern PA about 1 hour north of Philly. Local Pick Up only. Will NOT Ship. Asking $2500 for the set. Wheels alone were over $600 each.
  2. My 2003 SS has 14k miles. I have owned it since 2003 with 3,100 miles. It hasn't been wet in 15 years and is garaged undercover and will stay that way as long as I can. it gets driven in the summer on nice clear days only.
  3. Mine has 13k and I'm kind of bummed that it is getting close to 14K....
  4. I have a couple ideas, but not sure yet. If you are interested, pm me an offer. I might end up sticking with 22's and will keep the tires and ship the wheels.
  5. Set of 4 22 x 9 Centerline Rapid Forged wheels. From what I can find, these are no longer produced. I have had them on my 2003 Silverado SS for years now, but they have NEVER been in Rain, Salt, etc. The truck only has 13k miles. As a matter of fat, they have never even been wet. I am looking to possibly sell them, but do not need to give them away. These are light weight wheels that weigh about 35 lbs. each for a 22". Tires only have a couple thousand miles and wheels are perfect. Zero marks, curb rash, anything. These are the polished version so they will never rust. Just need to hit them with some metal polish once a year or so. Anyone have any Idea what they are worth? Thanks. I live in Eastern PA, I am not interested in packing these to ship, so please be within driving distance if interested. Selling as set of 4 wheels and tires. WILL NOT BREAK UP.
  6. The reason people do not put prices in posts is to weed out the uninterested in buying, but want to know the price people. It keeps the thread a bit more in line and you do not have everyone and their opinion as to if it is a good or bad price posting and cluttering the thread. I myself would like to know because I have a 2003 Victory Red SS with 13k miles. Seeing what 100k plus miles trucks are still going for for, mine should be close to $30k!!!
  7. Sorry to see you selling it. That is a great price for the low miles.... You should be getting over $20k for that.
  8. Here you go!!! http://www.silveradoss.com/forums/topic/82788-sold-my-2013-zl1-camaro-convertiblereplaced-it-with-this/?p=918296
  9. 2013 COPO 427 powerglide #60 of 69 !! Some cool COPO info here...... http://www.gmmgregistry.com/id116.html
  10. Car is Sold!!! Just came home with the check. As far as the COPO, they run Mid 9's at about 120-130 stock in the quarter. Some cool info on them...... http://www.gmmgregistry.com/id116.html
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