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  1. After the third return on a set of guaranteed fit running boards and nerf bars, I finally got mine installed. Took a standard set of LUND nerf bars, and added 1.25 inches of spacers under the brackets to get the clearance needed. Had to order new bolts 6.5 Inches long, But my short wife can finally get in and out of the truck.
  2. Need front transfer case fluid changed on my 04 SS. 185K, changing out everything re no idea of previous owner maintenance. First time messing with a front transaxle. I gather need 2 quarts of ACdelco Auto Trak II for the front transfer case, What and where and how do I do differential gear oil? New territory for me. Thanks, Captain Red
  3. O4 SS. How much fluid does the front transfer case take? Thanks, Captain RED
  4. Is there a set of running boards that fits the SS. I've ordered 2 sets from Amazon that were guaranteed fit, returned both. Issue seems to be bracket length too short. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. New 2004 Silverado SS. Need to find running boards that fit. My Wife is short and can barely get in. Bought 2 sets from Amazon , sent both back re brackets not allowing correct fitment. Any Help, Please. Captain Red.
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