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  1. Hey. I'm not sure if you are still looking for one but I have one I am looking to sell.
  2. Hey everyone. I’m new to these tire size calculators. I currently have 305/44/22 on my SS. I’m doing the DJM 3/4 drop and was told that size will rub. After looking at some Other posts it looks like most people use 285/45/22 with good success. Will these tires work on my current wheels? I’m not sure what wheels these are that I have. But can take some more pictures if that helps.
  3. Yeah. No other noises from the truck besides the annoying warning tone from the dash.
  4. Hey everyone. Yesterday, on a last minute notice, I drove from Ohio to KY to pick up my 2003 SS. It road great. I do get a low oil light when sitting still and it also seems to have a slight miss. It has 136k on it. First thing I’m doing is a tune up. I’m sure I’m going to be posting tons of more questions but have a few for now. 1. What plugs and wires do you guys recommend? 2. The truck came with 305/40r/22 tires. Any recommendations for new tires? 3 I was wanting to do the DJM 3/4 lowering kit. Will this kit work without rubbing on the 305/40r/22 tires? 4. Lastly, the truck come with this black rear spoiler. I was wanting to sell it. Any idea what these go for? Thanks!
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