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  1. Maybe the torque convertor lock and unlocking not happening. My truck would do that around 2k rpm going like 45mph, Vmax with the 4L70E. It eventually threw a transmission slipping code. I put a transgo shift kit in and that helped a lot.
  2. Hi all, I got my 2006 V-max from up north Alaska and brought it to Southeast AK in 2019. I just swapped a cam in it and was doing research for it and decided to join the forum. My truck came optioned out with literally every option. Leather seats, moon roof, tow package, 4.10 gears, you name it. So far I've got added CAI, shorty headers, dual exhaust, cam and springs, shift kit and corvette servo. I'm looking into getting it tuned by mail order from black bear. I'm a licensed civil engineer, I've also got a 2000 Camaro SS and have been working on cars/engines my whole life. So fair I've been much preferring LS motors to small block fords and Toyota motors that I've done work to in the past. O and i've owned an rx-7. My V-max truck is way faster.
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