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  1. Looks like GMPartsdirect.com still has them. 19168630 is the part#. I will have to paint it red to match my truck. $380. I found some aftermarket ones on ebay. But, I read one review from a buyer that said it fit his SS, but was not really like OEM. Those are between $100 and $160 for the ones I saw.
  2. Still looking for a red, oem grille for my 2004 SS. Anyone know a good source? Can I still buy one from GM?
  3. I check in pretty infrequently. I think I joined back in 04 as that is the year of my SS. Which I bought new in 04. It now has around 60,000 miles and doesn't get driven often. She is still completely bone-stock, Victory Red. It is a little sad to see how the interest in these trucks has waned.
  4. It's an easy diy fix. Take you about 2 hours
  5. The '03 would be AWD. Seems a little bit high for a 2WD. Maybe I'm wrong, though.
  6. I use Valvoline full synthetic. But only because I only change oil once per year. I don't drive my SS much. Last spring, when I changed it, the oil only had 1,200 miles on it. If I drove it daily, I would run Valvoline conventional and change every 2,000 miles. But, that's just me.
  7. The grille is OEM. Gray plastic "diamond" pattern.
  8. As far as I know, all 2003 Silverado SS' have AWD. Maybe yours is a "clone"? You can check and verify with the VIN#
  9. Thanks but I really want to keep it original if I can
  10. You stole that one! Worth a lot more in my opinion. Congrats
  11. There is a small section of my diamond grille broken and missing. Is it possible to replace this without having to buy a whole new grille? I am not a fan of the aftermarket ones. Unless there is one that looks similar to the factory one.
  12. Talk about low miles! What did you have to give for it? If you don't mind me asking.
  13. Oh well,. Thanks. This was a pretty busy site back in the day.
  14. I had not thought of this site for years. So, I decided to see if I could get back on. I could not remember my username. So, now, I am re-registered. It doesn't seem like the site is very active anymore, though. Kinda sad. Anyways, I have a 2004, red ss that I bought new. She has 64,000 miles, and spends most of her life parked in the garage. No mods. I will be driving her a little more now as I retired in October. My daily driver (work car, '96 Tahoe), I will be selling soon since I no longer need it.
  15. Well, since I had to re-register to ask the question, I guess I am "newbie". I have a bone stock Victory Red, 2004 SS. I bought it brand new. It has 64,000 miles. I just retired in October, so I thought I would see if this site was still active. Apparently not so much.
  16. I haven't been on this site for years. I think I joined in 2005 or 2006. Is there a list of registered members that I could look through to see what I used for my username?
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