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  1. Hey guys I have recently had to replace my clutch fan and I've been through two different ones. First one sounded like a bulldozer (never unlocked) and the second one is almost as bad as the first. At the parts store there is no specific "silverado ss" on the data base. Is there a different fan clutch for the ss? This is very annoying. 2003 silverado ss. Thanks
  2. Update, got the transmission rebuilt and corvette servo installed also. Does not skip a beat now!
  3. I wound up using Mobil 1 full synthetic high mileage 10w30. Everything is quiet as it was before. I was nervous with high miles and switching to synthetic if it didn't already have it in before haha. Thanks for the response
  4. My new to me 2003 silverado ss is due for an oil change. It has 216849 miles on it. I have no idea if it has synthetic in it or standard. When I was messing with ls camaros I never ran synthetic. What are yalls thoughts
  5. Yessir it looks that way! I had an 06 ls2 magnacharged gto and I couldn't keep a clutch in that lol.
  6. See im back and forth on it. Its not my primary vehicle so I dont have to have it to drive to work but at the same time I like to keep my toys in good working order lol. It just seems sloppy to me....it may just be me I don't know. And for 213,000 miles if the trans was never serviced id imagine the fluid would look horrible which it doesn't. I dont know maybe the servo is a little worn out and it needs a new one with a fresh filter.....
  7. So the truck is new to me, seems to be well taken care of. Transmission seems a bit sloppy to me, more less 1-2 shifts. I obviously check fluid smell and color which doesn't look horrible but its not deep red anymore more of a brownish tint. What I'm asking is can I do a simple pan compacity and filter change without the risk of toasting the transmission. The truck has 213,000 miles on it. At the time of the filter/pan compacity change id like to go ahead and put a new corvette servo in to stiffen up the 1-2 shifts. Anyone have any advice for me?
  8. Hello everyone I have finally bought a silverado ss. I live in Washington north carolina and love to wrench on cars as a hobbie. I am an industrial instrumentation/ electrical technician at a phosphate/acid plant in aurora nc. Look forward to meeting and talking with yall!
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