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  1. I am currently on the hunt for a GM Factory Cold Air Intake. GM Part Number is 17801346. If anyone has one please feel free to reply or PM me, Thanks!
  2. Looking for an GM OEM Bed Rug, Part Number is 12499436. Its for a 6'6" box. Any help locating one would be greatly appriciated!
  3. Would also be interested if someone has a complete XM kit from a 04-06 truck. Includes the XM Box, Cables from the box to the Radio and the antenna. I want to stay 100% OEM with my truck. Thanks though!
  4. I know it's 2020 and this has been discontinued forever, however I am very interested in upgrading to XM using my factory Radio. If anyone has this for sale or knows where they can get it in 2020, then please let me know!
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