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  1. Damn looking forward to more pictures. Looks great; clean. Where did you get that lower spoiler/valance/lip from? How was the fitment?? there are so many places to choose from, my luck I’ll get one that is a POS
  2. Post pics and that'll help with suggestions. Window tint, paint calipers, replace all the bulbs with LEDs or HIDs... Just off the top of my head
  3. Wow ridiculously cheap!! Scary good deal!
  4. Damn that's super clean!! Exhaust pics?
  5. Teaser post! And Yes yes congrats and post pics!
  6. Welcome & please post up some pictures!
  7. They look really good. What tint & clear did you spray them with and how many coats so I’ll have an idea on how dark they are, thanks.
  8. Wow man looks great!! Super clean! You Been busy!!
  9. Did the issue start after you did any modification or just out of no where?
  10. New rims Looks great! Are they 20s? what kind & size rubber you putting on? Pioneer ? Very clean interior! Glad you posted up!
  11. Oh yeah, I had the same exact problem! Driving and all of a sudden the cluster goes dark & needles lay down, then they click back on, go all the way to the right & then back Left. After I put a new battery in there, it hasn’t happened again. And food for thought, while you’re in the gauge cluster repairing you might as well go ahead & swap out all the stepper motors so everything is new. You can order the stepper motors & LEDs for like &20-$25 from “GM Gauge Repair” (I believe that’s the name it’s been so long ago.” That’s what I did & I’m very happy with the outcome. Regardless, best of luck with everything.
  12. What kind of repairs are you having to do??
  13. Super clean! Looks great! Any updates??
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