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  1. Yeah, I went to the 2008 meet in Grand Haven, went too fast in a GTO that blew up at some farm on the way to the drag strip. And I try to. Still feels odd driving that truck. I was saving for one of my own so we could cruise when his health declined. Hope to find some meets still happening around MI. I'd definitely go.
  2. Traverse City, MI SSS glam shot. Nothing more.
  3. To anyone that knew Bob.  He passed away 4/28/2018.  My second dad.  His truck lives on with me.  


  4. Hello! I recently inherited my late uncle Bob Heard’s 2003 Silverado SS. I went to lots of the zippy meets in Michigan when I was a kid with him. Truck got me into my hobby and career. Most recent zippy meet was back in 2008 in Grand Haven, MI. I know he was present on here, maybe some of you knew him. Gonna try and learn what I can on here, and keep doing what he did with the truck.
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