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  1. when i bought my ss it only came with three of the stock rims. they are in great condition! does anyone know what they are worth or does anyone want them?
  2. how much offset do you guys think i could get away with on stock ss suspension, probably go 20s, 9 to 10 wides
  3. does anyone know if the ss exhaust had a crossover in it or is it just to pipes straight back to the muffler, i would like to put two exhaust dumps in mine but if i do it and there is no crossover than it will just sound like two four cylinders.
  4. i want to lift it because i would rather put larger tires on it and a lowered truck is not for me
  5. i just purchased a 2004 silverado ss, and i am wondering if you can put a regular lift kit on it without having change anything
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