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  1. Thanks Richard, ill do some testing this weekend and add an update if and when i find something.
  2. got an 03 SSS with 136000 kilometers and i keep having to add coolant every once in a while. The truck runs fine and the oil looks good apart from a little bit of sludge on the drain plug magnet on the last oil change which i believe to be unrelated, if i pull the oil cap off after driving it there's a little bit of smoke that comes out so I'm guessing what I've got on the drain plug is piston ring or bearing material but not sure, anyways that's unrelated, my main question is where could my coolant be going? i have no burnt coolant smells and the truck doesn't smoke, I see no evidence of coolant in the oil although I've read with the GM dexcool its hard to tell when it gets into the oil, and i see no evidence of a exterior leak anywhere. am i missing something here?
  3. i bought mine with a 7 inch mcgaughys lift thats made for a stock silverado. i believe some minor modifications were required cause i have a receipt in the truck for ''small liftkit modifications'' but its on there and it works fine.
  4. Anyone know any good sites for aftermarket stuff on these trucks? looking for something similar to ZZP for the cobalts or Z1 for the nissan Z series, a site that has a little bit of everything.
  5. Recently bought an 03 ss with 133000 kilometres, the trucks in overall good shape, needs a bit of buffing and has a few dents but pretty good overall. i lost the driveshaft going down the highway when i was taking it home, sheered the bolts out of the rear yoke and broke the adapter plate between trans and transfer case. The truck was parked for a few years before i bought it and i think the the driveshaft u-joint was seized when i got it and just tore appart when i got up to speed. previous owner is too broke to help so im on my own with it but i dont mind, ive got one hell of a nice truck lol.
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