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  1. I have been searching for a while on CarGurus for my first SuperSport I finally seen one last month the more I looked at the add the more it grew on me the more I wanted it so two weeks ago i got financing squared away and I took a one way airplane flight out to Pennsylvania to pick it up from the car lot it was at. Car lot owners son flew his little plane out to where I landed at since it was far and it was not a closer Airport and flew me back to their town where the car lot was. He then drove me from the airport to their car lot and when I arrived the truck was just as nice as it looked in the pictures. I handed over the check and filled out all the paperwork then paid for the truck. I jumped in and started my 9 hour drive back home to Indiana. The owner of the car lot gave me the phone number of the previous owner and I contacted him later in the day. After talking to him on the phone I was as excited as teenager on prom night. I really picked a winner, turns out the truck has Summit Racing lq9 crate motor LS2 heads LS6 valve springs LS6 timing chains Texas performance 228 .600/.600 cam 55lb injectors fuel trim tuned down as much as possible. (I later switched for 40lb). Pacesetter headers, 3 inch MagnaFlow exhaust. 4l80 swap with stage 2 internals, shift kit, performance servo. Engine and transmission have roughly about 10,000 miles on them. Previous owner was in the process of setting the truck up to be pro charged but then things changed in life and he traded the vehicle in for a family vehicle. It also has cross drilled slotted rotors with ceramic brake pads, aftermarket wheels Summit Racing steel Cowl Hood. This truck is super clean insidand out previous owners was very meticulous about keeping it clean. I'll have to take a newer picture the only one I have is too big of a file size to be uploaded onto the site
  2. Just acquired my first SS two weeks ago thought I'd join here since i was already on the Facebook group.
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