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  1. Cash ready will also trade complete OE rear bumper if anyone is interested Brownie points for it being black truck does not fit in new garage 😕 somebody help me.
  2. Hey yall! So I updated my 03 SS to an HD package including grille and hood, I have fallen in love with the honeycomb look on the 06 grille, BUT - I have searched high and low for an honeycomb insert for my bumper below the grille. Does anyone make these? Or is it somthing I will need to buy another grill and chop it up to make my own insert. Thank you for any and all input!
  3. Nice! and thanks guys, this site is full of awesome information.
  4. I am looking to purchase a roll pan for my ss. Would be willing to trade my stock bumper as well if anyone would be interested. It is in good condition. thanks!
  5. I sent you an email in regards to this listing. if any available I would be interested
  6. What’s up guys! Figured it’s time to get on here and be apart of the club. My names bob and I’m from mn, and I own a beautiful 2003 Silverado SS in black. It’s a gem I’m very proud to own up here where most trucks don’t survive the rust storm. BTR stage 3 camshaft kooks long tubes to 3” axle dump #60 injectors on a walbro stage 3 monster built 4l65 with a tru cool 40k circle d 3200 stall Custom tuning its still under construction ha, the do it list is massive. I just ordered my HD cowl hood and HD grill, and after that will be adding some forced induction.
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