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  1. Update. I got the Black Bear Performance EFILive AutoCal. Black Bear tuned it and made a huge difference. They did a great Job with the tuning. Then I installed the full speed engineering dual 3" exhaust with headers. Hated it ! Tooo loud and lost major low end torque. I changed it up using a single 3" pipe and much happier with the sound vs dual 3"s. Still lost some low end torque but I have no cats now and it is flowing way more then the previous exhaust. Put in bigger injectors recommended after the tune to help the stage 2 cam. Waiting on Black Bear Performance to help me get it re-tuned. The current tune is not liking the 42Lb marine injectors at all or the exhaust swap.
  2. Love the truck. My first SS. 05 AWD. I lowered it, put 24's on it, BTR stage 2 cam, trunnion kit, push rods and lot of other stuff. It had .660 valve springs, headers and intake. Feels like it has a shift kit but not sure. I ordered a speed engineering exhaust but wont be available for a few weeks. Waiting a bit to get it tuned. I'm not sure what else I want to do. I think I'm going with AutoCal V3 Tuning System from Black Bear performance I work from home so its doesnt get drove much. Currently somewhat stock exhaust with gutted cats and flowmaster muffler.
  3. Went to install a stage 2 BTR cam, springs and push rods and surprise! Anyone have an idea what this is already in there? The springs are double springs. The push rods look factory. I just have no idea what was done to the truck before i got it. It doesn't have alot of Lope, but it has headers, so I assumed that was the extent of what was done. Thanks
  4. Do you have any left? I would be interested if you were to make another batch. Thank you
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