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  1. So because I just saw a 2003 short bed, stepside, 2dr. for sale for 37K I stopped! I looked at pics. and saw a brand new frame ?!?! new gas tank-tons of welding cross members, alum. drive shaft and on and on. BIG MONEY STUFF! 🥶 So I guess I have an $8,000 454-525hp 9.7 to 1 eng. for sale. Best of best stuff in it. Built enough cars and trucks to know when to stop. This is what happens when you take a pause of 20 yrs. in building stuff. 😭 Thanks guys for the info.
  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I think you are among the few that doesn't think I'm crazy. This short bed-step side- body can look great, if you use the right combo of lowering, wheels, roll pan, and front end from an SS truck, ETC. It's a 2 door black truck and looks real nice. I hate that the old school SS 454 trucks were de-tuned to be "sleds". I have owned 2 and should have jerked motor and fixed problem. I built a 454 /30 over with 550 hp/600 ft.lb. torque. It's a 9.7 to 1 compression ratio with flat top pistons using 67 corvette heads. I had bullet cams- custom grind a cam exactly for this engine, heads, CR and rear end, etc. Gotta get stance right. Put a lot of time and $$$ to get paint perfect. Done it B4, just not with this body style. I really like the 2002-2005 short bed-stepsides, along with the SS trucks. At least the newer SS trucks run decently. I saw they are gonna do another SS truck in 2021. I've seen pics.
  3. Don't know how to reply to both of you but thanks for the info. I have a 400 turbo and a 700r tranny. I figured I would have to use different drive shaft and beef rear end to a 373 posi. Then header nightmare, steering rod nightmare etc. Prob. pumps etc. I know that 8.1 liter was put in a 3500 HD. Just wondered if frame would be same. Everyone thinks I am nuts, but I like to do stuff that others don't. Even if it doesn't make sense. I think it will look "different" when I raise the hood! I was hoping someone was as nuts as me, and could advise me on upcoming disasters. Really thanks for responding!
  4. So I'm sure many couldn't immagine why I would ask about putting a big block instead of an high HP ls motor in. I have owned bbc muscle trucks and cars for 50 years. LIke those engines. 1st new car was a 427 copo camaro, and off I went. Kinda started my racing in big blocks. Thanks
  5. Probably not what you're looking for BUT --- I have a 2005 black short bed, stepside. I looked for it for years. I have put the entire SS front on and might sell it. It is super clean. We wet sanded paint and fixed all little scratches etc. Paint perfect. Believe it or not I have a built 454--550 hp I was planning on putting in truck. I'm an old school BBC fan. If you're interested you can txt me at 614-286 2138. I also would like to know if there are some guys on this site who would know what kind of "challenges" I'm gonna run into trying to put a big block in this truck. I have another blue one that is a driver. thanks
  6. I would still like to find one of those silver SS front grille emblems.
  7. Dose anyone know where I could find a used 2005 sht. bed, stepside hard fiberglass bed cover?
  8. Do you still have any of those silver bowties, with black SS letters? Don't supposed anyone would know where to get a 2005 silverado sht. bed stepside, hard fiberglass bed cover? Black! One that doesn't take a 2nd. mort. on hse.
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