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  1. Just purchased a 2007 Chevy Tahoe, on the 3rd morning since purchase battery has been dead every morning. Placed meters in between negative post and cable and checked all fuses and relays under hood and interior on driver side, no change in pull. Then one night while sitting in Tahoe with engine off key out and doors locked all the cluster gauge hands raised from sleep position to starting positions(first line) and stayed there for around 20sec. And then dropped back to sleep position, and after about 30sec. They raised back up to start position and continued as long as I sat in there. So that gave me the idea to remove the IPC and radio/touchscreen navigation fuse and the next morning it started just fine. Forgot to mention in the radio area there was a sound of a disc being loaded and a fan running continuously. Sure appreciate any info I can get, I’m at a dead end
  2. Did you ever figure out the IPC drain problem, I have the same issue. Only add ones are dealer installed overhead dvd system, keyless start/theft system
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