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  1. Check the purge under the hood for charcoal pellets that can be sucked up from a failed charcoal canister. Sometimes the inlet side will be full to the top with pellets, other times it is just a pellet or two holding the valve open. It is only one bolt to remove it and once it is out you can rig up some leads to apply 12 volts to it . if you hear the solenoid click you should then be able to blow and suck on either end to clear the pellets .A new one is not expensive but it would be best to remove the line from the canister and blow out the remaining pellets from front to back thru the line you removed from the evap. solenoid under the hood.
  2. That would have been my first choice , but because of the extra cladding on the SS they will not fit. That seems to be the problem with most boards, I have a set from I-Board in the box in my garage. They said they would fit but it is not even close without custom fabricated brackets. They even have a picture of them on a red SS in their ad but it must be photoshopped . Now I have to ether sell them or pay about $100 to ship them back.
  3. I recently bought a 2003 SSS 74,000 mi . I have been fixing little problems , but overall a very nice truck. One issue I have is my wife having trouble getting in with no side step. Does anyone know of a running board that will fit the Silverado SS? A retractable would be best to keep the clean lines but that might be to much to hope for. Any ideas I would appreciate.
  4. I would say make sure you spend some time under it. The cladding can hide a lot of rust. I looked at a blue 03 that looked pretty good until I got under it. The inner rockers were completely gone It had 135,000 mi. on it. They wanted $13,900 for it. I later bought a red 03 with 73,000 for $16,000 that is very clean under Neath. In my opinion the conition of the sheet metal is the most important, mechanicals can be rebuilt.
  5. Never mind guys , i found it. There is a great how to on this site but when I search on site it didn't come up. A google search found it for me , weird! I just had to lift up harder than I thought.
  6. I need help removing my 2003 SSS door panel . It is different than other silverados in that there is no torx screw in the back and no plastic plug in the front . I have removed the screw under the manual lock and under the armrest. I don't know if the rest is just pop off clips, but I hate to force it and brake some thing. Any help would be appreciated . The reason I need to remove it is that the piece of plastic that retains the rear of the bezel window and lock controls is broken ,that is a part of the armrest. I found an armrest that is the correct color in a scrap yard
  7. I am also a new SSS owner with the same question, what have others done. Mine still has stock manifolds, but looking at stock style replacements in the $600.00 + range has me looking for alternatives. If anyone who also has to test could let us know what they have done I would be appreciative of the help. The 5.3 trucks use a Y- pipe that ends in a single out and I am considering having an exhaust shop cut the end off and convert it to fit our two in style muffler. With the age of these trucks this site seems to be dwindling, but I hope there is still some experienced owners out there who can help.
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