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  1. It has the servos changed too.
  2. Factory 65e with a shift kit and only 17k miles on it. I removed it from my truck and put a flp level 5 in. It has been out of the truck for about 2 yrs but shifted just fine. Like I said only 17k on it total and less than 2k on the shift kit. $750 plus shipping.
  3. Wheels are 26 lbs each and need to sell together. Thanks.
  4. Everybody quit racing. These are very lite at 27# each on the wheels. Also the 9.5s are not being built anymore. I got the last set.
  5. I am working on a shipping price. I am thinking I can ship mine for 425, give me till tomm. if you can.
  6. I have 4 eagle alloy 18x9.5s with 305/45r18s with Nitto nt555r extreme drags with 200 miles street use and 4 trips down the track while on my Silverado SS. Pick up only $1150
  7. Congrats thats a awesome pass.
  8. Well I have had several that I wish I could have keep 91 syclone that I went on my first date with my wife in, married 15 yrs tomm., 69 z28, 70 z28, 2 87 grand nat., 86 and 87 monte carlo ss, 89 turbo trans am, 01 10th ann. firehawk, 04 comm. ed z06, lots of vettes and several trucks but it was time to go. I am getting too old to work on this stuff alll the time. I do have a almost stock lq9 in my escalade maybe I need to work on it.
  9. Matt glad you got your truck back running again. I got my trans back in 5 weeks ago and I sold it sunday. Good luck.
  10. Well after 4 yrs and over 60k dollars, lots of time, blood and sweat, I sold my SS. I left everything on it,(427ci c5r, flp lvl 5, n2o express fogger, fast 90 and lots and lots of other stuff). Guy walked in my shop sunday and said I got to have it so after a few mins we agreed on price. I will miss it but damn it was always something to do to it. I never got around to spraying it at the track but I know if will be soon. It was badass on motor cant wait to hear what it runs on the bottle. Well had lots of funs talking to people on here and meet alot of good friends. I have been very busy the last 1 1/2 yrs getting a new business going and havnt been on here much or working on the truck much but will miss playing with the mustangs and vettes. Good luck I am hoping someone gets a 10 sec pass soon.
  11. 3.48 N/A I want about 2.8 real soon
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