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  1. Only way you could pull them off if you truck was slammed and had some wide enough wheels and tires to be flush with the flares..this one would be better with color matched flares but looks good
  2. Looks nice man..I don’t like stripes or graphics of any kind but yours looks very clean and classy
  3. 03ssgappn

    Lift a ss ?

    Your right same thing goes for slamming them and screwing up the geometry gm spent millions to create
  4. 1.6 60 is moving out for a 5k lb truck
  5. Pe needs to be around 12.5 on a n/a vehicle 11.0-11.5 on boosted I reduced my time pe kicks in as much as possible also
  6. Don’t just get the pro series mpvi2 works flawlessly without any bs
  7. I had a lot of success using the russk method..it’s a idle technique that will get rid of a lot of cam surge..
  8. 03ssgappn

    My turbo build

    Clean turbo setup
  9. 03ssgappn

    Lift a ss ?

    No....no no no why buy a sport truck and fk up the suspension geometry..sorry but just me opinion, your truck do what you want with it
  10. Work in progress..painting the wheels silver today
  11. I didn’t like everything red until I saw the truck was birch..bad ass 👍
  12. 03 Silverado ss custom metallic black pearl paint lowered 2 shackles dropped keys custom bump stops intake, exhaust, tune
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