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  1. I know this post is old as [email protected], but I just ordered the Russell 672430 kit from Summit for my 03 today. Goodridge told me they don't offer any brake lines for the SSS and Wilwood informed me that I'd have to purchase their whole brake kit (calipers, rotors, and pads) just to get their brake lines. StopTech offered no workable solution either. After researching multiple sites much of the info I found for the correct Russell brake lines was convoluted and inconsistent so I went with what seems to be the least unlikely wrong answer. Can let you know how it works out if needed.
  2. Just found your post. Many congrats. Pics would certainly be appreciated by all.
  3. Outstanding build. Looks like it should've been that way from day 1. I'm doing similar mods on my Gen 2 CTS-V (minus the cam and heads). What are your HP & ET goals for this build?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Why do you think it would make a difference?
  5. Hello Grayson - I'm looking for an OEM tailgate cap/spoiler and tailgate handle bezel. Let me know what you have available.
  6. Literally a ton of solid mod/upgrade info available on this site. My SSS certainly shows many benefits from all of those that came before me and shared their knowledge, lessons learned, and wisdom herein.
  7. Congrats. Any mods already on it at purchase, or all bone stock?
  8. I shopped for my SSS for a l-o-n-g time after owning an 01 GMC Sierra C3 I bought in Pittsburgh, PA for over 11 years. My concerns with this 1 would be the accident damage and the rust. This SSS has spent it's whole life in MN & SD. Even when considering the low miles, it would have needed to be garage kept every single winter (all 16) in order to avoid the inevitable. No photos in their ad would lead me to believe skin cancer, paint, and body could all be potential issues. Based on their asking price I would strongly suggest requesting photos of the rear 1/4's, rocker panels, and undercarriage before I spent any more time pursuing this SSS. Even their dealership site has a stock picture in their listing. https://www.billionchevysiouxfalls.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=preowned&make=Chevrolet&model=Silverado SS&bodyType=TRUCK&year=2003
  9. Congrats. Hope it gives you smiles for miles.
  10. I just recently joined as a result of officially entering the SSS owner's community last Halloween and in order communicate herein. However, I must admit, I've used this site for research for several years. Due to the FMV of the decent SSS's remaining out there currently rising and that they're past the bottom of their depreciation curve, I believe this site is far from "dead".
  11. Before my recent purchase of my 03 SSS, I had a 01 GMC C3 (1st year of the Sierra Denali) for almost 12 years. Good solid truck and very similar to the SSS. I bought my C3 in Pittsburgh, PA back in 2008 w/ 75K mi. Unfortunately, the usual troubled spots for skin cancer (rockers & quarters) began to appear ~3 years into my ownership of my C3. Considering the rust, I only improved what I could easily remove and drove my C3 to 150K. Currently, most of the upgrades from my C3 are in/on my SSS and the next phase of my improvements is 95% complete. I look forward to many years of enjoyable ownership with my SSS. I hope you experience the same as well.
  12. I'm looking for OEM center caps for all 4 wheels and a tailgate cap/spoiler. Only interested if they are in good condition cosmetically. Thanks.
  13. I just bought a Belltech Street Performance suspension for my 03 SS from Summit Racing for $575 delivered. Items Purchased on This Order: Item Status* Price Qty. Total BEL-678SP Suspension Kit ; (Mfr. #: 678SP) Shipping From Manufacturer Ground $541.94 1 $541.94 Charges for This Order: STATUS KEY Shipping From Manufacturer - Item is waiting to be shipped from the Manufacturer. Shipping times will vary. Part Subtotal: $541.94 Tax: $32.52 Total Charges $574.46
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