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  1. Looking for an 06 ss rear bumper, preferably black but if not I’m still interested. I’m willing to trade a black roll pan for it or pay cash if someone doesn’t want a trade. I tried to find one online and didn’t have any luck either. If someone could point me in the right direction where to find one aswell that’d be great.
  2. I noticed my traction control light and e brake light will go on during hard acceleration or hard braking, and on braking as soon as I let off the pedal they turn off? I was thinking maybe the u bolts could be loose and the rear end is twisting maybe? Has anyone else experienced this?
  3. Awesome, thanks Richard, ended up purchasing it so I’m stoked to be apart of the ss club now lol!
  4. Looking at buying an 2007 ss tomarrow. The vin checks out and everything yet it has cloth seats and no center console. I thought the ss,s all had leather seats and center consoles. Does anyone know if some models did come with cloth seats and no center console? I’d really appreciate it.
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